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With June approaching, businesses are announcing clothing and paraphernalia for the celebration of “LGBT Pride.”

Target Corporation has been a leader in this effusive support for homosexuality and transgenderism, launching a line of pride merchandise in 2012; announcing in 2016 that it would allow individuals to use restrooms and dressing rooms in line with their “gender identity”; and partnering with and supporting LGBT activist groups for many years.

In 2022, radical groups were thrilled when Target announced a transgender line of clothing which included body-damaging “chest binders” for girls, as well as “packing underwear” where they can insert a fake penis for a masculine appearance.

But this year, the company has gone even further, coming under fire for selling LGBT clothing for infants and children, along with “tuck-friendly” swimwear, to help confused boys and men hide their genitalia.

In addition, the retailer now carries merchandise from Abprallen, a UK company which creates and sells occultic- and satanic-themed LGBT clothing and merchandise. Abprallen’s creator is Erik, a woman who had her breasts removed and uses male hormones to live as “a gay trans man.”

Yes, it gets confusing. Don’t expect clarity and coherence from gender ideology.

The Twitterverse erupted this last weekend when pro-child activist Scarlet Johnson pointed to Target’s merchandise and the satanic connection.

Johnson heads a Moms for Liberty chapter in Wisconsin and fights against the sexualization of children in schools. She asked the question:

Why did @target hire a Satanist to design pieces for their recent “Pride” clothing line?

She posted Abprallen’s announcement that the company’s merchandise would be available at Target and a photo of Erik with an image of “Baphomet” on a shirt that says, “Satan Respects Pronouns.”

More than 1.5 million people viewed her post, with thousands commenting, sharing it, and declaring they are “done with Target.”

Johnson pointed to Abprallen items Target is carrying as part of its pride collection: a messenger bag with the slogan, “Too Queer for Here”; a pink sweatshirt expressing the sentiment, “Cure Transphobia, Not Trans People”; and a tote saying, “We Belong Everywhere.”

The Abprallen website explains the “Satan Respects Pronoun” T-shirt this way:

At least the designer is up front about the origins and support for homosexual and transgender ideology.

“Baphomet” is a half-goat/half-human, half-male/half-female demonic idol, supposedly linked to the Knights Templar and more recently adopted by satanic and occultic practitioners.

Abprallen’s products are filled with this goat-head demon, along with skulls, skeletons, and other images of death and violence, including support for abortion. Many of Erik’s designs promote witchcraft, the occult and blasphemy.

The merchandise invokes hatred and violence toward people who disagree with homosexual and transgender ideology:

“Cisgender” is a term made up by gender activists, referring to individuals who accept what God made them to be. Target has gone into business with a designer who thinks you should not be allowed to exist.

One wonders what your local Target manager thinks about that purple guillotine for those with biblical views of sexuality and relationships.

Erik shows real vitriol toward those who oppose this sexual identity confusion:

In order to keep transphobes at bay we must eradicate them, it is very important to not engage in conversation with them – fascists do not listen to reason and they do not deserve the trans person’s valuable time.

But along with the animosity, Erik’s comments show deep mental confusion and psychological distress. All this, of course, is blamed on “society” and those who disagree with her broken sexual beliefs. The activist says:

I am not the first, nor am I the last trans person to relate to Frankenstein’s monster – a sensitive and emotional creature who’s [sic] existence is repulsive to those he encounters. It’s not infrequent that I find my transness and my outer appearance to be ugly, it is more frequent still that transness itself is depicted and viewed as an effrontery to life and society. How can I not internalise that?

Another post shows the depth of despair:

I’m tired. Exhausted, really. I wake up and spend the day with this cloud above me, sometimes it parts – when I’m with friends or immersed in my hobbies, but it still threatens to cover me again. …

The truth is I don’t remember the last time I had this much shame, embarrassment, and self-hatred over myself as a trans person. I am ashamed at my desires for love and intimacy, I am immersed in the idea that my existence is a burden, that my place in this world is undeserved.

Those with such sexual identity confusion are struggling with deep and complex issues: self-hatred; disconnection from their bodies; distorted views of God and Christianity; twisted beliefs about being male or female – and more.

Believers have deep compassion for such disturbed individuals, and at the personal level, reach out with love, truth, grace and compassion. We have a gospel message of God’s deep love for them – as well as His power to transform, deliver and heal.

We pray that God will have mercy on Erik.

But in the public arena, Christians must oppose this preposterous and harmful ideology that says: men and women are interchangeable, with irrelevant distinctions; a man can be trapped in a woman’s body – and vice versa; there are an infinitude of genders; and one sex can be transformed into another with clothing, makeup, drugs, hormones and surgery.

Companies like Target like to portray themselves as being inclusive and gracious. They certainly should not be in business with folks who are not.

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