Every day you turn on the television or hop online, you are bombarded by a constant stream of discouraging news stories, confusing legislative rulings, political drama, and hundreds of different opinions regarding it all.

Who do you trust? What do you believe?

We understand keeping up with our nation and the world can be overwhelming, and you may feel inadequate to address hot-button topics with you friends, your family, and your co-workers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing: The Daily Citizen from Focus on the Family.

The Daily Citizen doesn’t exist to be your only news source. The Daily Citizen exists to be your most trustworthy news source. Our team of analysts is devoted to giving you timely and relevant analysis of current events and cultural trends – all from a biblical worldview – so that you can be inspired and assured that the information you share with others comes from a reliable source.

This new Focus on the Family resource will help Christ-followers:
· Navigate the news with informed assurance
· Feel equipped to engage the issues with confidence
· Reflect the character of Jesus among family and neighbors
We hope you will join us in this venture with The Daily Citizen. After all, being involved as a Christian citizen is a daily endeavor.


by | Feb 5, 2019