Whether it’s a child or family member identifying as gay or lesbian, a denomination that is debating same-sex marriage and ordinations, or children encountering homosexual curriculum and ideas at schools, Focus on the Family and the Daily Citizen have resources to help families navigate these personal and public issues.

Here are free, downloadable PDFs, articles and videos to help parents respond to homosexuality with grace, truth and courage and teach children God’s good design for relationships, sexuality and marriage.

For years, homosexual activists and their allies have tried to make a case that some people are “born gay,” that homosexuality is inborn and innate. But research shows something different, as this free PDF explains.


This resource helps parents address the topic of homosexuality with children of different ages. The booklet details a variety of real-life scenarios where your children may encounter homosexuality and offers examples of responses.


For almost 2,000 years, the Christian Church spoke with one voice about heterosexual marriage and homosexuality. But since 1955, gay revisionist theologians have challenged God’s husband-wife design for marriage, advocating for same-sex relationships. This free resource explains God’s original intent for human sexuality and answers revisionist arguments.


If you are faced with a loved one’s homosexuality, this PDF offers a place to begin learning, healing and growing. It includes brief stories from those with a gay-identified child; goals and guidelines for maintaining relationships; information on grief, recovery and building a support network; stories from those who have left homosexuality; and links to other helpful resources.


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Digging Deeper:

If you want more information or have more questions about homosexuality, these Focus on the Family web pages list many helpful articles, broadcasts and books:

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