It is not news to anyone that young people need all the help they can get in building a robust and relevant Christian faith in the midst of today’s ever-changing and challenging culture. In fact, the folks at Pew Research Center recently announced that their new predictive models of future faith indicate great concern. They estimate that in 2020, 64% of Americans, including children, said they were Christians. But following current trends, they predict that majority could shrink to a minority within a few decades.

This means Christian young people must be built up in their understanding of and love for the Christian faith. In short, they must have a Christian worldview because proper thought drives proper practice and belief.

This need is why Summit ministries, a long and close ministry friend of Focus on the Family which celebrates their 60th birthday this year, is launching a brand new six-episode video/discussion course featuring noted Christian thinkers like Kirk Cameron, Lee Strobel, Sean McDowell and Alisa Chambers.

Entitled, Now We Live, it is available free of charge to parents and church leaders at the Summit Ministries website, here.

Among the key questions the series explores is,

  1. Worldview – Can we align our beliefs and actions?
  2. Reality – What does Christianity say about the world?
  3. Jesus – Who is he?
  4. Truth – Is Christianity credible?
  5. Identity – Who are we in Christ?
  6. Society – How should we live?

This helpful resource was first envisioned just over a year ago by the Summit ministries team to help meet the need to have parents get involved in helping educate their children in what Christianity means for their lives and the world today.

Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit’s president, told the Daily Citizen, “The team picked the name Now We Live based on John 8:32 where Jesus tells us “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” “The truth really does set us free to live the kind of live Jesus intended for all of us,” Myers explained. He continues, “Now we are going to live, and we are really going to live. Christianity is all about living, and this is what this curriculum is about.”

Each episode is relatively short, including two interviews, covering six critical topics. Myers said his vision is to have this video/discussion material used in more than 10,000 churches. “If Jesus is the truth, and I firmly believe that He is, then I want as many people as possible to be set free from the ‘your truth/my truth’ lie. That is what this resource is intended to do.”

Parents and church leadership can sign up for and utilize this exciting, unique resource here.

Photo from YouTube.