This week Focus on the Family and the Colson Center hosted Alexandra DeSanctis, a female pro-life advocate, to make the case for how abortion ruins everything. The live-streamed event was part of a series called Lighthouse Voices that addresses the most pressing issues of the day from a biblical perspective.

DeSanctis is co-author of a recently released book titled Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing.

In the book, she and co-author Ryan Anderson argue that in the last 50 years, abortion has harmed nearly every aspect of society, including the preborn baby, women, the family, equality, choice, medicine, the rule of law, the political system, the democratic process, media and popular culture.

At the event on Tuesday night, DeSanctis began by asking the question, “What now?”

Now that Roe has been overturned, what should the pro-life movement be doing?

She argued that ending abortion in this country will require more than attacking abortion as a moral wrong (which it is); it will require building a pro-life society. She said, “We have to be able to say that abortion is bad because life is good.”

She believes the key to building a pro-life society is learning how to talk about the harms that abortion has caused in America. The harms that she writes about in her book – how abortion has harmed the preborn, women, families, minorities, the poor, the medical field, the rule of law, politics, and culture.

She says that protecting preborn babies from the violence of abortion will “require going right to the root of the sexual revolution and feminist ideology and rejecting it.”

She continued, “Until our culture rejects the idea that you must have access to consequence-free sex in order to be a flourishing human being, there will always be people who believe we need abortion.

“We have to make the case that abortion harms all of us. We have to make the case that the sexual revolution has created a giant lie. The lie that human beings can freely use and destroy one another if it brings us momentary pleasure.

“We have to advocate for and build a society that cares for women and children, a society that welcomes the vulnerable, and a society that values every human person.”

Her practical suggestion was for each of us to find our own unique and individual calling within the pro-life movement. She encouraged every listener to act with courage and become engaged in some way for the pro-life cause, whether that’s voting for pro-life measures at the state level, helping a local pregnancy resource center, or donating to organizations that are helping mothers and saving babies from the tragedy of abortion.

For more information on how you can get involved in the pro-life movement in a tangible way, visit Focus on the Family’s “Seize This Pro-Life Moment” website and learn more about organizations that are making a difference for life and what you can do to help!

If you missed the live-streamed event, you can view a recording of it here.