David Kyle Foster is the author of Sexual Healing: A Biblical Guide to Finding Freedom from Every Major Area of Sexual Sin and Brokenness. He recently released a revised, expanded edition of this resource, which provides valuable teaching, study guides, questions and spiritual exercises for those struggling with sexual and relational brokenness – and for those seeking to assist them in their journey.

Sexual Healing begins with teaching about God’s design for our sexuality and relationships. This section also contains important chapters about God as our Father, exploring who God is as a loving Father, how our relationship with Him can become broken and distorted, and how an intimate relationship with Him can be restored. This first section also describes another fundamental aspect of healing: learning to live by grace rather than working to achieve God’s acceptance.   

From there, the book goes on to look at a variety of sexual sins, including homosexuality, transgender confusion, sexual addiction and pornography. Each section deals with factors that might influence individuals toward that sin and then goes on to detail spiritual transformation that brings healing.

Toward the end of this comprehensive guide, Foster explains why some people remain stuck in sexual sin, offers a game plan for continued growth and transformation, and points to a variety of helpful resources. Foster says the book serves two purposes, “Our new Sexual Healing, Reference Edition, is designed to be a reference manual for pastors, counselors, ministry leaders and teachers, that they can keep on their shelf and refer to periodically as they encounter sexually broken people. It serves a second purpose in being a resource for those who are still sexually bound and broken.”

Freedom from every area of sexual sin and brokenness? Is that possible?

Foster is not just writing from the standpoint of a detached observer, but as one who struggled with deep sexual sin and brokenness. Thankfully, his life is also a testimony to God’s goodness, healing and transforming power.

He tells some of his story in Sexual Healing, but gives a more detailed account in his autobiography, Love Hunger. The son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers, Foster grew up knowing about God, but his chaotic family life and his father’s strict – sometimes abusive – discipline left him longing for male affirmation, attention and affection.

But he doesn’t blame his struggles on a dysfunctional family environment; he honestly admits how his own sin, rebellion and choices that led him into a downward spiral. He was hooked on masturbation and pornography from a young age, and eventually ended up prostituting himself to men. His longing for attention and affirmation led him to Hollywood, where he tried to make it as an actor.

In Hollywood, Foster plunged into the industry’s party scene, replete with alcohol, drugs and sexual activity. Older directors and producers preyed on young actors, while the actors tried to use these sexual relationships to further their own careers. He says he spent his first 29 years, “living the profligate life of a rebellious preacher’s kid – a life that included death-defying levels of drug, alcohol and sex addiction.” Steeped in despair and self-hatred, he attempted suicide three times; and men tried to kill him three times.   

In his desperate search for acceptance and love, Foster turned to eastern mysticism and began following a guru who claimed to be an incarnation of God. Unbeknownst to Foster, his family had been praying diligently for him. His parents’ faith had deepened, and their lives had changed. They organized prayer groups at their church and cried out for God to rescue their son from this cult. Gradually, he became disillusioned with the guru and flew to Israel “in a last ditch effort to find Jesus Christ.”

While on the Mount of Olives, Foster asked God to reveal His truth – and expose Satan’s lies. He says that God spoke a question to his heart, “Who proved His love for you?” Foster recounts, “I had just visited the places in Jerusalem where Jesus had dragged the cross, been scourged, and was crucified, so it was obvious that Jesus alone had proven His love for me and that He had proven His divinity by rising from the dead. I gave my life to Him then and there and He responded by pouring liquid love into my heart.”

From that point, Foster dropped his acting aspirations and began to pursue a life with God. This led him to involvement with a local church and eventually to attending seminary where he “found a great deal of healing from the ‘band of brothers’ there.” I wept often when in chapel as this large group of men sang the great hymns of the faith together. It was the beginning of the healing of my issues with men and it was there that I learned to bond with them in a non-sexual way.”

As he grew in his faith and found freedom from sin, God eventually brought Foster into ministry to those dealing with sexual sins and wounds. His film experiences led him to produce redemptive television programs, videos and films about healing from sexual sin. He produced a weekly TV program for 10 years, Pure Passion, that still airs on the Christian Television Network, with stories of those who left homosexuality, sexual addiction and transgenderism. The series also features interviews with theologians, pastors and counselors about ministering to those wrestling with these deep issues. The programs are available in multiple languages at his website and on his YouTube page.

Foster has also produced documentaries about healing from sexual sin. His first, Such Were Some of You, features testimonies from 26 people who left homosexuality. The second, How Do You Like Me Now?, provides guidance for friends and family of those struggling with homosexuality. His third film, TranZformed, has testimonies from 15 individuals who struggled with gender confusion and are finding freedom through their relationship with Christ.

The journey out of sexual brokenness, sin and bondage is not easy. But Foster’s life – and the stories he recounts in videos and films – testify to God’s transforming power, grace and love. Foster says his restored relationship with God the Father “has provided me with the unconditional love and acceptance that I so desperately sought in sexual relationships.” Sexual Healing is a valuable tool to bring sexual sinners into a deeper relationship with Christ and a place where they, too, can receive the Father’s love.