A jury ruled against Jeffrey Younger, a father trying to keep one of his twin sons from being “transitioned” into a girl. Such a move eventually involves puberty blockers, surgery, and a lifetime of opposite-sex hormones.

According to LifeSite News, 11 of the 12 jurors voted against making Younger the sole managing conservator over his twin sons. By deciding against Younger, the role by default will be awarded to his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician. She began insisting about 4 years ago that James was really a girl and calls him “Luna.”

The jury also resisted the efforts of an amicus attorney (a court-appointed attorney who represents the best interests of the child, rather than either parent), who argued that both parents love James, and urged the court to make both parents joint managing conservators. Because of the complex nature of the trial, the jury wasn’t permitted to consider joint custody. Instead, they ruled against Younger’s parental rights. LifeSite News has created a petition supporting Younger, who is part of the Orthodox Church.

“Little James is seven years old. Most people are shocked that an elementary school child in Texas can go through a risky, serious medical and biological transition.” said Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, a Focus on the Family affiliated Family Policy Council.

“A court ordering this transition over the objections of a parent is outrageous and must be stopped,” Saenz added. Texas Values explained that the case is not over. Judge Kim Cooks will rule later this week on whether Younger is prohibited from calling his son James and forced to comply with the medical procedures Georgulas is pushing for.

In an interview, Younger said that James was almost three when he said he was a girl. Younger said he found out Georgulas “was telling him that he was a girl.” He said, She was dressing him as a girl; she was putting nail polish on him and encouraging him to act like a girl.” You can watch Younger talking to James about these “secret” activities with his mom, here.

Younger has set up a website, with the help of friends, “Save James.” Here he explains  his battle over the past four years to maintain his parental rights with James and to keep James from being transitioned, steps that would have enormous physical and emotional consequences. James’ mother has already started the first step toward his living as a girl, called “social transitioning.”

The next step, Younger says, involves puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, which prevent the natural growth of James’ sexual organs, “effectively chemical castration of this boy.”  The third step would be surgery which attempts to make a boy’s body look like a girl’s. Younger says teens as young as 15 years old can undergo this surgery in the state of Texas.

Georgulas has enrolled James at the GENECIS (Gender Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support) clinic at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. The boy is also meeting with a therapist at Dallas Rainbow Counseling, which works with the LGBT-identified community.

Younger says, “I’m looking out for the best interests of James, my son. When James is with me, he shows no signs of wanting to be a girl when given the choice. Even when in female company, away from me, James rejects a female gender expression.”

He believes Georgulas is dealing with mental health issues, including three breakdowns and serious depression after the twins’ birth. This would not be out of line with some research into gender dysphoria that shows that a sensitive boy may have difficulty attaching to a mother who is dealing with depression or other mental health issues, leading to conflicted feelings and anxiety about his identity and masculinity. Family conflict is another possible contributing factor.

In the past, doctors took a “watchful waiting” approach for children with gender confusion, since many children who struggle with their gender identity grow into accepting and embracing their biological sex. But more and more doctors are pursuing an aggressive, affirming approach, giving children and adolescents drugs, cross-sex hormones and surgeries.

Jonathan Saenz urges believers to pray for Jeffrey Younger and his sons, especially young James, so that he will be spared this approach. Instead, we should pray that he grows up confident in his masculinity.

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