A new, independently produced documentary is warning about the harms of “transgender” ideology from a perspective that often remains untold – the parent’s perspective. The documentary Dead Name reveals the stories of three parents whose children have chosen a “transgender identity” and taken on a new name.

The term “deadnaming” is usually used by trans-activists to shame individuals who refer to the original, biological name of a “transgender” individual.

The trailer for the film begins with a home video that Helen took of her 4-year-old son, who tells her, “If you want girl parts and you don’t have them, you can get special surgery to turn your penis inside out and there’s a vagina inside.”

Helen says that her son’s preschool (that’s right, preschool) had been “socially transitioning” him – absent her consent.

The preschool sent a letter to every parent announcing that her son is now “Rosa,” and inviting them to come celebrate the “transition.”

“I don’t even know if he knew what a pronoun was,” Helen says. She notes that when she went to the preschool, the name “Rosa” was written everywhere, including on her son’s cubby.

Helen was later told by the preschool, “You should learn to accept this and celebrate it.”

You can watch the trailer for Dead Name here (warning: difficult content):


Dead Name also tells the story of a father named Bill, whose son, Sean, set up an appointment with an endocrinologist to try and get cross-sex hormones.

Bill says that Sean “just needs explained to him that he’s had a lot of traumatic events through his life.” Sean lost his leg when he was young. He was diagnosed with pediatric cancer (twice). His other brother died of a heroin overdose and his mother had passed away.

“All these things have to have had a big effect on him,” Bill said. But when he sat down with Sean’s psychiatrist, he was told, “[Sean is] definitely transgender. You are an unsupportive, abusive father.”

“I’m just trying to keep him alive,” Bill lamented.

Dead Name tells these heartbreaking stories, which are tragically becoming all too common. The “transition” of minors is aided and abetted by an educational, medical, media and political establishment that is willing to sacrifice innocent children in the pursuit of ideology and profit.

As Jennifer Roback Morse writes about the film, “Parents are routinely told that their children will commit suicide if they are not permitting to ‘transition’ as quickly as possible. This bit of emotional blackmail is a complete lie, based on fake science.

“Friends who may be skeptical of the trans claims tend to silence themselves, out of the generalized fear in this ‘cancel culture’ that we are all trapped in.”

Family Policy Alliance interviewed Brandon Showalter, a journalist and podcaster with The Christian Post, who appears briefly in Dead Name.

“When young people take on this identity, it pits them against their parents who know them, named them, love them and raised them,” Showalter said. “It’s a medical issue that is wedged between the parent and the child.”

Every day, there are more parents struggling with how to deal with this issue. And it’s a great thing that Dead Name is shining a light on this difficult, though unfortunately necessary, discussion and how parents, children and families are greatly harmed by gender ideology.

You can find out more about Dead Name at https://www.deadnamedocumentary.com/. It was produced by Broken Hearted Films and directed by Taylor Reece.

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