President Trump condemned aborting babies with Down syndrome in a new presidential message on Thursday. The president said that all children, born or unborn, including those with Down syndrome “are worthy of life.”

His message was released to coincide with the beginning of October, which is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

President Trump noted that “around 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome every year.”

“These treasured members of our society are sources of inspiration to the many families and communities graced by their lives. Those living with Down syndrome face unique challenges, reminding us every day that it is incumbent upon us as a nation, to continue empowering them to reach their full potential,” the president stated.

“My Administration reasserts its commitment to standing against those who seek to discriminate, devalue, and demean the sanctity of their lives.

“As our society progresses toward a more inclusive future, there are still those who pass judgment on which lives are worth living. As President, I denounce radical proposals to terminate pregnancies of unborn children with Down syndrome. Our Nation will continue to emphatically affirm the self-evident ideal that all children—born and unborn—are created in the image of God, are worthy of life, and deserve to be loved.”

In his presidential message, the president also touted the $35 million which the National Institutes of Health invested in 2019 towards more advanced Down syndrome research as well as another $60 million that was directed towards research in September 2020.

“These funds will lead to scientific breakthroughs and broaden our understanding of Down syndrome so that we can more effectively improve the health of these American citizens and expand their opportunities to thrive in our society,” President Trump noted.

Life News reports that around 250,000 Americans currently have Down syndrome. Between 1995 and 2011, 67% of preborn babies who tested positive for Down syndrome in the United States were aborted according to CBS.

President Trump concluded: “Our country must never run astray from the certitude that the lives of those with Down syndrome are precious and full of potential. During Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we are reminded that we must never waver in our efforts to support these individuals so that they can enrich the soul of our nation with their joy and love.”

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