A new report indicates in the two months following Roe’s reversal, at least 10,000 babies were saved from the tragedy of abortion in America. That number represents a 6% overall decline in abortions. 


According to the study conducted by the #WeCount Project, funded by the Society for Family Planning, a Denver-based pro-abortion non-profit, there were 10,570 fewer abortions in the United States in July and August.


The report suggests that the decline in abortions was driven by state laws protecting preborn babies. 


The group collected data from “clinics, private medical offices, hospitals, and virtual-only providers.” In all, the data they gathered represented “an estimated 82% of all abortions provided in the US.”


The number was calculated by comparing the overall decline in abortions performed in states that restricted abortion to the increase of abortions performed in states that kept abortion accessible. The data showed that states that limited abortion saw a collective decline of about 22,000 abortions. In contrast, states that supported unrestricted abortion saw an increase of about 12,000 more abortions. 


According to the report, the states with the most significant increase in abortions were North Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, and Illinois.


States that restricted abortion and saw lives saved during those two months were Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.


For pro-life advocates, this news is undoubtedly cause for celebration. Praise God for the lives saved from the tragedy of abortion because states passed pro-life laws! 


It is also a reminder to the pro-life movement that while changing hearts and minds to embrace a culture of life is the ultimate goal; passing pro-life laws is making a difference. In this case, it meant the difference between life and death for approximately 10,570 babies.


Pro-abortion activists know exactly how much laws matter. That’s why Planned Parenthood has committed to spending $50 million in this year’s midterm elections to elect lawmakers who will be champions for abortion. In their press release, they admit that they want “abortion champions” elected “up and down the ballot.”


Abortion activists have taken a “both/and” approach—engaging both law and culture. 


Pro-life advocates must pursue a “both/and” approach too. 


We must engage our culture to promote a pro-life ethic; at the same time, we must vote our pro-life values. 


If we want to see pro-life legislation in our state, we must support candidates who will pass pro-life laws. 


In the pro-life movement, it’s never been as vital as it is right now to participate in the political process and to support state candidates who will protect the preborn. 


This November, remember to vote your pro-life values.


 Photo from Shutterstock.