It was a great experience covering the Donald J. Trump for President reelection rally yesterday in the stunning, yet chilly Colorado Springs, CO as a part of The Daily Citizen’s newly minted video news coverage and video updates. Dozens of the President’s supporters lined up the day before the rally and spent the entire night in the parking lot outside the Broadmoor World Arena. They braved zero-degree weather for hours on end for the chance to see the President speak.

In interviews with numerous people, it was clear that there was a myriad of reasons people were there to support the President.

I decided to interview one man after I noticed his pro-life shirt which said, “Save Baby’s Lives.” In the brief interview, I asked whether protection the lives of preborn babies was his number one issue heading into election season. He answered in the affirmative and said that the reason behind that was because of his three children. He added that he, in general, liked President Trump’s nominees to the judicial branch and that the President had largely kept his promise to appoint pro-life judges to the federal courts.

Before the rally, I also had the chance to talk to a group of students who were there in hopes of asking President Trump to enforce an executive order he announced last year which required college campuses to protect the free speech rights of students. One of the students explained that their university, Metropolitan State College of Denver had shut down their right to speak freely on campus. They hope that better enforcement of President Trump’s executive order would bring about a change in their university’s policies. 

In a post-rally interview, one man explained how under President Trump, his business seemed to be doing much better. He went on to say how he wished more Americans could get along rather than being so divided along partisan lines. “We’re all Americans,” he said as tears began to well up in his eyes.

All in all, it was enjoyable to talk with many ordinary Americans who showed up to participate in the civic process. It’s inspiring to see regular folks from all walks of life come to participate in our republican form of government at work.


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