The pro-life movement is going strong and continues to grow year after year. Now, a group of passionate pro-life advocates have gathered together for the Pro-Life Flag Project, which can hopefully be flown as a unifying symbol for the pro-life cause.

According to its website, “The pro-life movement is composed of thousands of organizations and hundreds of millions of supporters worldwide, but it lacks a single, well-known, freely reproducible, unifying flag. The team at Pro-Life Flag Project is attempting to change that.”

Over the last month or so, it’s been narrowing down its selection field and has six finalists that the public can vote on over the coming weeks, from July 7 to July 19. After that, the group plans on announcing the winner on July 24. To make sure the flag is used as much as possible, the flag will be licensed so that “any pro-life nonprofit organization may freely copy, reproduce, promote, and sell any products containing the design.”

“In the end, we want you to use the design that you helped create. Let’s make this symbol as prominent and well-known as the rainbow flag. Let’s put it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, lapel pins, hats, and flagpoles. With the wide reach that pro-life organizations have, we can create an America so full of the pro-life flag that every day, millions of people will be reminded of the reality of abortion and of the determined pro-life movement that fights to abolish it.”

Some of those partnering with the pro-life flag movement include Focus on the Family, Students for Life, the March for Life, Save the Storks, Democrats for Life, other pro-life groups, pro-life pregnancy resource centers and Heritage House ’76, the first organization to become a project partner.

It is the hope of the Pro-Life Flag Project that this flag can become a unifying symbol for the movement, one that might be as powerful as the rainbow LGBT pride flag.

Of the six flags that the audience can choose from, each carries its own symbolism.

Flag A’s symbol is a nine-pointed, three-layered flower, inspired by the ‘seed of life’ symbol. The three layers represent a supportive pro-life community (outer), the mother (middle), and the unborn child (inner/dot). The nine points represent the nine months of pregnancy. The two stripes on the top and bottom signify the distinct lives present in a pregnancy, the mother and the child.”

Flag D’s central symbol is a mother’s hands holding her child. The symbol also resembles a budding flower, symbolizing new life. The two colors represent the two distinct lives present in a pregnancy: the mother and the child.”

Flag F’s, the personal favorite of The Daily Citizen staff, “central symbol is the iconic ‘precious feet’ (representing the child). The feet are being lovingly held by a pair of hands (representing the mother). The two stripes in the background form an ‘equals’ sign, representing that the unborn child is equally human. The two stripes are also symbolic of the two lives present in a pregnancy: the mother and her child. The subtle heart between the feet symbolizes the love that the pro-life movement shows both the mother and her child.”

Those interested in voting can visit the Pro-Life Flag Project here.


Picture from the Pro-Life Flag Project.