In a moving picture, a boy from Tulsa, Oklahoma named Trey, age 7, asked to pray for a Tulsa police officer. After the request was accepted, the two knelt while Trey placed his hand on the officer’s shoulder and prayed for him.

“The current state of our city breaks my heart into so many pieces. But this little boy restores it every time,” Trey’s mother wrote in a Facebook post. “Today Trey (7) asked to pray for officers in the Tulsa Police Department. So that’s exactly what he did. This boy laid his little hands on officers to show them that we love and support them. If this picture shows you anything. Let it be to pray for those around you.”

According to KJRH, the local NBC station, “Trey asked to pray for Tulsa police while he and his mother helped with a community event.”

KJRH also noted that Trey’s current goal is to talk to every police officer working with the Tulsa Police Department. So far, he’s spoken with 12.

Trey also prayed for Police Department Chief Wendell Franklin.

In a video of Trey praying for Chief Franklin, he can be heard asking God, “Please protect this police officer and his family and this entire city. Amen.”

“Thank you so much Trey, that felt good,” Chief Franklin responded.

“You’re welcome,” said Trey.

“Trey prayed for our community, police department and me today,” Chief Franklin wrote on Twitter. “It was an honor to meet this young man involved in his own mission to bring our community together. He is that mustard seed planted which yields a tree used by all.”


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Photo from Tulsa Police Department Chief Franklin via Twitter