Now that Roe v Wade has been overturned, how can teachers and parents equip teens to embrace a culture of life? Put another way, how can we seize this pro-life moment? First, start with a homeschool minute explaining how we got in this mess in the first place.

During my parent’s generation, mainstream society held a higher view of sex—where sexual intimacy was reserved for marriage between “one-man and one-woman, for a lifetime.” Even Hollywood played by a different set of guiding principles called the Hays Code which, regarding on-screen sexual behavior, stated, “No picture shall be produced that will lower the moral standards of those who see it.”

Along came the Sixties with their “free love” sexual revolution movement, popularizing sex outside of traditional marriage. John Lennon and Yoko Ono, like many others, spouted the “Make Love Not War” slogan. Here, monogamous commitment was out and casual sex partners were in.

The Seventies found the feminist/women’s liberation movement, in part, working to give women the freedom to be more assertive in matters of dating and sexual initiatives. The growing popularity of oral contraception emboldened the idea that women could and should “play the field” with multiple partners without the downside risk of pregnancy—something that men who played around didn’t have to worry about.

The Eighties were fertile ground for gay activists and the gay liberation movement as part of the “mainstreaming” of what had previously been considered by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the world’s largest and most prestigious psychiatric organization, a “mental illness” and a sexual orientation disturbance.

Today, with the exception of sex with minors, sexual expression has devolved into a “hookup culture.” Here, “friends with benefits” propagates the notion that sex is a choice between “anyone, with anyone, anytime—before marriage and even outside of a marriage.” Love has been replaced by lust. Courting has been replaced by copulating. Sex is about self-pleasure without relational commitment—and has lost its sacred connection to the biblical understanding of “one flesh.”

A byproduct of embracing the Tinder hookup culture—or any of these sexual trends over the last 50 years—is that getting pregnant is a high risk factor, especially for teens. Why? Contraception usage is inconsistent and often improperly deployed. The resulting pregnancy for 400,000 teens aged 15-19 each year, makes abortion seem like a “quick fix” solution.

Worse, terminating a pregnancy, we’re told, is nothing more complicated than getting your ears pierced, so teens should be able to get an abortion without notifying their parents. That’s the view of Illinois Gov. Pritzker who signed a repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion Act last December. These advocates fail to cite the growing body of evidence that “abortion is consistently associated with elevated rates of mental illness.”

That said, America is experiencing a historical watershed moment. The overturning of Roe v Wade effectively puts an immediate damper on the reckless sexual free-for-all that has been decades in the making. As the individual states decide whether or not to legalize abortion, teachers and parents can prepare young adults to understand and respond to the tsunami of debate. How?

As an author of 50 books, I want to do my part by giving away free eBook copies of BLACK FRIDAY for you to use with them. This novel explores the dark underbelly of the abortion industry which preys upon unsuspecting, troubled, pregnant girls—many of whom are minors.

Here, readers get to see the incredible profit motive of the “abortion providers”, their unethical marketing practices, their subpar health standards and training, and their techniques for stimulating repeat customers via low dosage and highly ineffective birth control pills—all of which have been documented by former abortionists whom I interviewed for the novel.

The message? Abortions have consequences—aside from the obvious taking of a life. There are life-threatening outcomes for the women who get one . . . plus the emotional toll on both the girl AND the guy who’s involved. It also breaks the heart of the Father who fashioned us and Who knew us in the womb.

Teens and young adults who read BLACK FRIDAY will gain a fresh perspective on the value of life while being sobered by the consequences of sexual choices outside of marriage. They will learn the truth about those who peddle abortion as a solution. They’ll also experience a tale of forgiveness and healing between a pastor and his daughter who almost died from an abortion.

If this vision to equip the next generation with a heart that celebrates and protects the life of pre-born babies resonates with you, get your FREE eBookcopy of BLACK FRIDAY before 8-30-2022.



Bob DeMoss is a 5x New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 books including collaborations with Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, and Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) among others.