While most people spent Labor Day weekend with family and friends, enjoying the last vestiges of summer, others were gathered to mourn the millions of African American babies lost to abortion. Known as the National Day of Mourning, it is a two-day event that recognizes how abortion businesses often target women and babies in the African American community. 

“Abortion has impacted the African American community disproportionally, because we only represent roughly 12-13% of the United States population (but about a third of the abortions),” Rev. Dean Nelson, President and CEO of the Douglass Leadership Institute, said in an interview with The Daily Citizen. “(This event is) designed to bring attention to the 20 million African American children lost to abortion and highlighted Planned Parenthood as the leading abortion provider in the country.”

The number of African American babies lost to abortion is a startling fact, and one that shows the likelihood that Planned Parenthood has continued Margaret Sanger’s eugenics-based policies.

The National Day of Mourning website states, “Planned Parenthood has long targeted Black babies and women under their plan of extermination called The Negro Project. They have used abortion to advance the eugenic cause and their efforts have resulted in the deaths of more than 20,000,000 Black lives.” 

Although there were events held in different parts of the country before, this was the first multi-state event.

“The idea was to start in Richmond, VA, which has historic significance,” Rev. Nelson said. “And to travel in a caravan of sorts, kind of like the old Civil Rights Movement. We stopped off in some historic cities related to Civil Rights.”

Not only that, but three of the four cities are also on the receiving end of Planned Parenthood’s expansion plan. In the city of Richmond, Planned Parenthood is scheduled to opening a large new facility in the Church Hills neighborhood. Despite a pro-life law banning all abortion in the state of Alabama, the nation’s largest abortion business has decided to open up a replacement facility in Birmingham down the street from the historical 16th Street Baptist Church. Construction will be finished by November. Earlier this summer, The Daily Citizen covered prayer rallies conducted by local church leaders against the opening of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Charlotte, NC.  

Throughout the caravan trip, Rev. Nelson and others could see the hand of God working in the lives of those who were attending.

“There was a lady who has not yet fully, publicly come out, but she used to work at a Planned Parenthood facility in Arizona. So, there was a lot of excitement about a person coming out of that, finding Christ and becoming a new member of this growing Black pro-life movement,” Rev. Nelson said.

“Additionally, there was reason to celebrate as we were there in Birmingham, praying for those several hours,” he shared. “We got a report from one of the participants, who is a pregnancy center director in Houston, TX. As we were praying specifically for pregnancy centers and those who are advocates in this, she reported that they had a record number of five women that had come from Planned Parenthood to their facility. She’s been serving for a couple of decades. She says they’ve never had five women come from Planned Parenthood in one day to their facility to receive service and make a healthy choice for herself and her unborn child. Those were some particular highlights from that day.”

Truly, it was an answer to prayer, and efforts like the National Day of Mourning are needed more than ever. Planned Parenthood continues to try and infiltrate African American and Hispanic communities all over the country, even posing as shell corporations in order to escape scrutiny and set up high capacity abortion facilities. Although the abortion business has been on the defensive with several negative news stories and the loss of Title X funding, it continues to have a large cash reserve and a desire to spread the pro-abortion message.

Prayerfully, one day an event like the National Day of Mourning will be unnecessary as abortion will be not only illegal, but also unthinkable. Until that day comes, organizations like the Douglass Leadership Institute and The Restoration Project will continue to fight for the lives of preborn babies across the country against the concerted efforts of Planned Parenthood to target the African American community.