UPDATE: Following publication of this article, Amazon began restoring the mentioned books to their search engine.

Amazon may currently be engaged in a widespread effort to suppress the availability of Christian and conservative books on its search engine.

Conservative thinker and Catholic convert Sohrab Ahmari recently released his new book, “The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition” on May 11. The book seeks to reintroduce modern readers to the wisdom of Western tradition.

A description for the book states, “For millennia, the world’s great ethical and religious traditions taught that true happiness lies in pursuing virtue and accepting limits. But now, unbound from these stubborn traditions, we are free to choose whichever way of life we think is most optimal—or, more often than not, merely the easiest.”

However, the book has currently disappeared entirely from Amazon’s search engine.

In a tweet early Saturday morning, Ahmari wrote, “My new book, ‘THE UNBROKEN THREAD: DISCOVERING THE WISDOM OF TRADITION’ has disappeared from Amazon search results. You can still find the product if you have the exact link but it doesn’t show up in search. Big Tech and Bezos are at war with my ideas.”

A search performed by The Daily Citizen confirms that Ahmari’s book has disappeared. When we searched, “The Unbroken Thread Sohrab Ahmari,” the top search result was for sewing thread: “Sewing Thread – Military Grade, Bonded Nylon Thread for Leather Stitching, Canvas Repair & More.”

The second search result was for “12 Colors Sewing Thread, Assortment Coil Polyester Thread Sewing Line Portable Plastic Tube All Purpose Polyester Thread for Hand and Machine Sewing.”

A second book that seems to have magically gone missing is conservative radio host Mark Levin’s new book “American Marxism.” After a search on Amazon for “Mark Levin American Marxism,” the book was not among the results. Levin’s book had sat atop Amazon’s best seller list for two weeks since his book was first announced.

Also disappeared from Amazon’s search engine is conservative Rod Dreher’s book “Live Not By Lies.”

A source at Amazon told The Daily Citizen that the issue was intermittent and not specific to any category.

However, here’s the question many are asking at this point: Is Amazon’s removal of “The Unbroken Thread” and other Christian and conservative books an honest mistake? Or is this yet another instance of big tech censorship?

Ahmari believes that with Amazon’s history of banning conservative books, this action was intentional.

“Having gone through what we at The Post went through with Big Tech censorship, and witnessing what happened with Ryan Anderson’s book, I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m giving Amazon the benefit of the doubt when my book disappears from search results within a week of launch,” Ahmari wrote on Twitter.

In a statement to The Daily Citizen, an Amazon spokesperson said, “We are aware some customers are having issues with search results, and we are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

For Christians, it has become the new normal for large, powerful tech corporations to censor and silence their voices. In the past few months, we have seen Twitter ban The Daily Citizen for reporting biological fact and Amazon ban Ryan T. Anderson’s book discussing transgender ideology.

The ability of these companies to limit freedom of speech and religious liberty is difficult to overstate and should not be taken lightly by any American.

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