As part of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation process, Senator Lindsey Graham said, “In my world, being a young, conservative woman is not an easy path to take.” He’s right, but it’s not just limited to politics.

To the media, womanhood has a particular definition, which is deeply informed by the woke, progressive left. Women should be sexually free, pro-abortion, believe that career is more important than motherhood, indifferent to the institution of marriage, emasculate men, support every female cause and be highly evolved enough to believe that religion is a patriarchal institution that is meant to bring women down and force them into the home.

If you have a different opinion, say you believe in the sanctity of life, marriage, family and faith, you’re often considered misinformed, abused by the patriarchy, hateful towards women, controlled by men and someone who wants to live in the 1950s instead of 2020.

To say it’s not easy being a conservative woman, especially a young conservative woman, is an understatement.

On television, our viewpoints and opinions are rarely included in TV shows or news programs, with the exception of Fox News. Candace Owens, Allie Beth Stuckey, Liz Wheeler (who recently left One America News Network) and other conservative young women are growing in popularity and influence, but they are rarely featured on television programs like young liberal, progressive women. A commentator like Brittany Packnett, who rose to fame during the Ferguson, Missouri protests and has radical views on abortion and race, would be given hours more screen time than Candace Owens.

If a conservative woman is featured or brought to national attention, like Megyn Kelly in 2016 during the presidential election, it seems like media mostly makes sly digs and implies that her beauty is more important to the male-dominated Republican party and conservatives than the substance of her statements. The former hiring practices of Fox News, which deliberately highlighted the beauty of young female newscasters in order to bring in an older male audience, doesn’t help that perception.

When it comes to abortion, the division is even more pronounced.

Oftentimes, the media says that pro-life activists are against women, choice and healthcare. To advocate for life on behalf of the preborn as a woman, the media essentially says you are betraying your sex.

As maternal mortality goes up, I’ve seen questions that ask pro-life, politically conservative women if they want mothers to die needlessly since abortion is considered the “safer” option. Of course, the answer is no. To share the truth that there are a variety of factors that cause maternal mortality and abortion is by no means “safe” is simply ignored as the ramblings of a backwards, uninformed woman who lives under the patriarchy of men.

The media also continues to portray pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRC) as places that only care if the mother has the baby, not if she is financially or relationally secure, which is entirely untrue.

Sasha Barron Cohen, the outrageous comedian, has made a sequel to his international hit Borat that will be released later this week. In one section of the film, after having the actress portraying his daughter eat a cupcake with a plastic baby on it, Cohen as “Borat” goes into a PRC called Carolina Women’s Health Center and tells them to “take it out” of her. The hoax is meant to poke fun at PRCs and pro-life activists.

Due to the possibility of attack many young conservative women remain silent about their beliefs and political views. Just to state a contrary opinion opens you up to attack, so why say anything at all if education and an informed opinion means so little. For example, a University of Kansas student was recently put on probation by her sorority for her conservative social media posts and retweets.

But the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett shows that conservative women don’t have to remain silent. Despite many attempts by various, antagonistic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barrett was both unflappable and without notes, being able to explain complex legal theory from memory. Though some were against her nomination, they were forced to reckon with her intelligence and gumption.

Photo from Sipa USA


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