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why do we vote?

Our tradition of voting is as old as the American republic because our government is created by, of and for the people. Voting is our method of holding the government accountable to the people. Citizens can throw out officials who aren’t representing them well, and elect new people who accurately reflect their voice.

Voting is essential for the health of a Republic. The first Americans recognized that voting gives citizens an outlet with which to express their pleasure or displeasure with their officials. It also empowers the citizenry to voice their political opinions and effect change in a substantial way. Americans disagree with each other on many things, and through voting each citizen is able to nudge the nation in a certain direction.

Voting also helps maintain an informed citizenry. Since the citizens are responsible for maintaining their government, it is also up to them to know what is happening in their government in order to make informed decisions at the ballot box. Though campaign commercials can be exceedingly negative, they actually help inform the American people. Commercials, bumper stickers, campaign rallies, door knockers and debates all help American citizens know more about their government, and empower them to shape American politics to how they see fit.

Heading into election season, use this opportunity to make sure you are prepared to participate in our national political conversation. If you aren’t registered to vote, The Daily Citizen encourages you to do so.


Deadlines for voter registration vary by state. Please make sure you know the deadline in your state so that you don’t miss your opportunity to vote in 2020!


Every state has different dates for voting in the primaries and for the general election. Please check your state-specific dates so you don’t show up too early or too late!

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who is running for president in 2020?

Donald Trump, 73 (R)

Donald Trump, 73 (R)

President of the United States

Joe Biden, 77 (D)

Joe Biden, 77 (D)

Former Vice President of the United States

We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.


– thomas jefferson