It’s official, Joe Biden has secured enough electoral votes to declare victory over President Donald Trump. Though the Electoral College doesn’t meet and officially certify the results until next week, it’s a pretty concrete sign that Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next president of the United States come January.

Usually, the official Electoral College certification process, which happens in the weeks after the election, is done with little fanfare or attention. But that hasn’t been the case this year.

Due to allegations of voter fraud by the Trump campaign team, many of the election results have been tied up in various lawsuits as the president attempts to get the results in some states amended.

But late last week, California certified its official election results and pushed Biden to the over the 270 threshold to 279 points, giving him the presidency. The electors will officially certify the results on Friday, December 14.

For those that were holding out hope that President Trump could perhaps pull out a victory, the likelihood of that is looking rather grim.

These contested results, in many ways, reflect a country that is more divided than ever, and those Americans who voted for President Trump may feel cheated and are unwilling to support the new administration.

In an interview with The Daily Citizen last month, Franklin Graham, the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, shared his perspective on the election results and how Christians should approach the new administration.

“I think our country is in trouble, I’ve been saying that for a long time,” Graham said. “I think many people have a lot of concerns that Joe Biden did not get more votes than President Trump. He didn’t campaign. Many people just suspect that there was fraud, and I don’t know that. And I hope that the truth will come out.

“But if Joe Biden does win, if he is the president, then we’re going to do everything we can to pray for him and support him as our president where we can. We can’t support him on a lot of things, but there’s things we can support him on and try to help him. I’ll mobilize people to pray for him, that God would give him wisdom as he leads this country, if that is the case,” Graham shared. Though he added, “I’m glad I’m not a politician.”

Jim Daly, the president of Focus on the Family, shared his own thoughts post-election. “I think we as Christians need to support the outcome once it has been validated. And I hope that will be the case,” Daly said. “And certainly pray. We’ve got to press forward and do what we need to do in our communities and our nation to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

“For those that are feeling real despair or they’re feeling frustrated or angry about the outcome thus far, we need to take those things to the Lord in prayer. He says be anxious for nothing, fear not,” Daly shared. “It’s a tough battle, but the Lord has equipped us to carry it out…I think He’ll give us the ability, the wisdom and the courage to do it.”

So for those who are struggling with the idea of this new liberal and potentially radically progressive administration, there is hope—but it’s not found in a particular political leader or election outcome. It instead comes from faith and prayer in the Lord Jesus Christ.