Students around the world will gather this Wednesday, September 27th, before class to pray at their school flagpoles.


See You at the Pole is a student-led global prayer gathering.


It began organically in 1990 when 10 Texas teens gathered at their school to pray. Today, millions of students worldwide participate in See You at the Pole each year.


This worldwide prayer rally occurs every year on the fourth Wednesday in September.


The sole purpose of the gathering is for students to pray. They pray for their friends, teachers, school, families and the nation.


I’ve been to See You at the Pole many times over the years — as a student myself and now as a parent watching my children participate — and I’m always moved by the hearts of the kids and the impact they have on their peers by praying in public.


Because the rallies are organized and led by students, each one looks a little different. Some groups pray out loud together in one big circle around their school flagpoles. Others break into smaller groups of three or four students to pray together. Sometimes, scripture is read aloud, and other times, there is a period of worship led by a student playing the guitar.


Whatever the format, the students’ prayers and sincerity of heart are compelling. I’ve heard students pray for their friends who are sick, for safety at school and for God’s blessings on America. I’ve seen students pray for the salvation of family members and for world peace. The posture of their hearts as they pray is humble and submissive, pure and genuine.


It’s also an opportunity for Christian students to be a witness to their unbelieving friends — to be salt and light in their schools. More than once, I’ve seen students ask those gathered at the prayer rally what they are doing and why. In that moment, those praying students give a public witness to their faith in Jesus and the importance of prayer. Their boldness and childlike faith are refreshing and inspiring.


Thank God for See You at the Pole! America’s schools and students need God now more than ever before.


And praise God that religious freedom is protected by the U.S. Constitution so that we can practice our faith in the public square and our kids can legally gather together to pray at school any day of the year.


See You at the Pole is an essential reminder to all of us that God’s power and authority permeates every aspect of life — including our schools. Amen!


Focus on the Family is pleased to be one of many faith-based organizations to support See You at the Pole.


Students who participate in See You at the Pole may also want to take part in Bring Your Bible to School Day on October 5, 2023. To learn more about this annual event initiated by Focus on the Family, visit Bring Your Bible to School.


Photo Credit: See You at the Pole