One of the most basic medical facts of humanity is that mothers and fathers make babies. Mothers give birth to all babies and fathers are who help women become mothers. There are no other options. This is the first fact of humanity: without mother and father, it can’t happen.

But the Connecticut Department of Public health is now rewriting basic medical science, and dramatically so. Journalist and evolutionary biologist Colin Wright recently reported that the state of Connecticut has intentionally removed “mother” and “father” from important state birth records in favor of generic “birth parent” and “non-birth parent.”

These are literally meaningless terms because you cannot be a birth parent without being a mother who got that way with the help of a father.

You can observe one of these official documents yourself here. It appears as if the change was made January 2022.

These documents, referring to a child who could only be produced by a mother and father, are stripped of all mention of male or female. Almost as if these are now forbidden words.

Nothing has changed with biological science to indicate the need for such a turn. Those doing the changing have simply succumbed to gender ideology and demand that we all play along with the illusion.

Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, we will all look back on such things and wonder what sort of madness captured the minds of our nation’s leaders allowing them to adopt such imaginary fictions. Each of us must also answer for what actions we took to resist and denounce the madness.

Of course, what the Connecticut Department of Public Health has done here simply follows a trend where growing numbers of federal and state governments are intentionally denying human reality in service to the new gender ideology that erases biology.

The Biden Administration’s 2022 federal budget, under its section on maternal health care, newly employed the term “birthing people” instead of mother. Other federal government agencies are now using meaningless terms like “pregnant people” and “birthing parents” rather than mother. Breastfeeding is now chestfeeding. Abortion activists can no longer refer to their cherished act as “women’s healthcare” because apparently, men and all other supposed genders can have abortions too.

Remarkably, the British Medical Journal even editorialized last year, “Do we need the word ‘woman’ in healthcare?”. They noted that while “retaining scientific terminology specific to biological sex and human reproduction is vital” the editorial refused to take a clear stand on whether “woman” is even a meaningful term anymore.

It is indeed a sick and delusional society that cannot use the most basic words available that refer to the most basic human good, that which mothers and fathers, men and women, uniquely produce and care for. If we cannot use these words in serious and meaningful ways, then we cannot speak of either humanity or the family in any meaningful way.

Those pushing this very troubling gender agenda realize this very fact. So should those who love the beauty, wonder and truth of family. And that is why none of us should show any patience for these new gender language games. Sanity demands we resist and denounce it in the clearest terms and greatest determination. If we fail to do so here, under what challenge will we finally be compelled to say “enough!”?


Photo from Shutterstock.