Reports over the weekend hailed the culmination of high school sophomore Aayden Gallagher’s “dream season” for finishing in first place in Oregon’s Class 6A 200-meter final at Hayward Field on the campus of the University of Oregon.

As we’ve previously noted, Aayden Gallagher is a 10th-grader at Portland’s Leodis V. McDaniel High School in Oregon.

A boy, Gallagher is claiming to be a girl, and edged out the female runners in the state championship.

In video of the controversial race, spectators can be he heard booing Gallagher’s first place finish. At the award ceremony, fellow athletes can be seen cheering the “second-place” runner Aster Jones.

Can you blame them?

Aster Jones, from Portland’s Roosevelt High School, was the real winner.

“Stop saying girls are OK with this because they aren’t,” wrote Riley Gaines on X. “This is heartbreaking and deeply regressive.”

Gaines, a former competitive female collegiate swimmer, has been one of the most courageous and outspoken critics of the trans circus that’s threatening to upend women’s sports.

“Just listen to the audible BOOS,” she wrote. “People are over this…& it’s about time.”

Versions of “booing” date to ancient Greece where it was used to help rate and rank stage plays. The actual English word “boo” – the low sound of cattle – is traced to the 19th century and became the way a crowd would communication displeasure.

Allowing males to crush female athletes makes not only a mockery of the sport – but reinforces the lie that gender is interchangeable and that all one needs to do is self-declare themselves male or female.

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) allows for students to register and compete in whatever category they best identify. No testing, no proof of anything. According to parents of athletes in Oregon, OSAA has even threatened to disqualify any student who complains about the “trans” policy.

It’s painful and heartbreaking to watch a high school athlete booed in any circumstance and setting. Everyone may be a work in progress, but teenagers are especially maturing and developing. They don’t know what they don’t know. They deserve grace and understanding.

But the crowd this weekend wasn’t really booing Aayden Gallagher. It wasn’t personal. Instead, they were booing a corrupt, confused, misguided, and broken ideology that distorts reality and attempts to destroy the distinctiveness of male and female.

The boos were directed at Oregon’s irresponsible and reckless leadership. They were booing leaders who won’t defend women athletes and women’s sports. They were booing the lies traded as truth. They were saying they’re fed up and fired up. Enough is enough.

It’s impossible to know if we’ve hit bottom, but the boos hint we might be getting pretty close.

And congratulations to Aster Jones, the real winner of Oregon’s Class 6A 200-meter final.


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