There may be no better rite of passage for Christians learning how to manage their finances than to read one of Dave Ramsey’s books, watch his YouTube videos or listen to his podcast. He’s been offering advice on the subject of financial planning, budgets and debt since 1992, and there have probably been at least as many Bible studies conducted using one of Dave’s books as there have been on the book of Romans. Although his sage advice applies to everyone, secular or religious, there can be no doubt that the faith community has eagerly adopted him and his wisdom, which seems to apply biblical precepts of frugality, contentment and living within one’s means.

You can add Christian charity to the list of Ramsey’s traits, as he and his company, Ramsey Solutions, just made Christmas that much more of a blessing for 8,000 total strangers.  By buying up and canceling out approximately $10 million in credit card and auto debt that had forced people into debt collection status, Dave freed many people from a bondage that only those who have been there can understand.

And Ramsey has been there, so he knows.

“When I started my company 30 years ago, my wife and I were just starting to rebuild after a financial catastrophe,” Ramsey wrote in an op-ed for Fox Business. “We still remember the nasty collection calls, and the uncertainty of living paycheck to paycheck. We had been borrowers, slaves to the lenders. And there were times we’d daydream about all that debt just miraculously disappearing.”

And now that debt has been lifted from a lot of people. They reacted with relief and gratefulness when Dave’s employees called them to break the news.

One woman, who works in a women’s facility, explained, “I strung that thing (the debt) along, just scraping to make payments. It’s one of those things that you’re never gonna pay off, because you have current bills and it gets lost in the shuffle.”

She added, “I work in a women’s facility, and I tell those women every day that things are going to get better. You can’t even explain to them how it’s going to get better, but then it gets better in ways you’ve never dreamed of . . . like this phone call.”

There are always plenty of Christmas miracles to go around, it seems, and for 8,000 people this holy season, there is new cause for hope. Thank you, Dave Ramsey, and Merry Christmas!

Photo from YouTube