Our nation has new a president and the old one is gone.

The transfer of power at the executive level of our national government in the United States is complete. That is no small thing. There were widespread reports and deep fears that the transfer wouldn’t go peacefully. More than a few serious people suggested President Trump would need to be physically ejected from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Or that he would retain his place there through a declaration of martial law. But he departed peacefully on his own two feet. There were also reports of armed protests at every Capitol in each of our 50 states. They never materialized.

Yes, there was the detestable afternoon of violence and loss of 5 lives that took place at the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. That mayhem lasted a few hours, order was restored by sunset and the official certification of our national election was completed.

But this last part of our nation’s very tenuous and contentious election process took place today peacefully in a town that was absolutely locked down tight under the careful guard of thousands of armed National Guard troops.

All this demonstrates that our highest Democrat leaders, the incoming administration, and the District of Columbia’s own government do know how to control and prevent violent uprisings if they have the will. For all the talk we have heard over the last four years about “law and order” literally being a racist dog whistle, today’s inauguration of President Joseph Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris demonstrates a number of facts.

First, law and order is essential, possible and desirable in civil society. Second, it is not controversial in the least and government leaders have the responsibility to call for and insist on it when rioting rises. Finally, there is nothing inherently racist about it.

The new Biden/Harris Administration clearly affirm these three facts. The media seem to wholly agree as there has been no complaints whatever of governmental strong-armed tactics against civilian demonstrations. It is indeed very good news that we all seem to be on the same page now that law, order and restraint are civil virtues and very much have their proper place.

After a year of run-away violence in our nation’s most vulnerable communities which snuffed out literally countless hundreds of lives and cost these neighborhoods billions of dollars in loss, it is nice to know we can all return to being a people for which “law and order” is a good thing.

Photo from Yegor Aleyev/REUTERS