Next year is the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, the one that gave women the right to vote. It should be a time of celebration, but instead it feels like the push to embrace transgenderism is erasing the experience of women altogether. That may seem like a stretch, but we’re seeing it happen already. 

There aren’t many unisex sports for one simple reason, the men are often better. They’re stronger, faster and have a biological body created to better handle the stress and physicality of high intensity sports than women. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the transgender agenda means that men who believe they’re women must be allowed to complete with their female counterparts. They’re “women” after all, so the argument goes. As a result, men are now dominating women in some sporting events.

Rachel McKinnon, a cyclist from Canada, recently won the women’s world championship and set a world record. The problem is that McKinnon is a biological male. This has also happened in Connecticut where two male track and field competitors dominated the female events, and likely cost a couple of the young women college scholarship opportunities all because of their new identification as female. The two originally competed in the men’s track and field teams and were average but now they’re they’re smashing the competition. When men are involved in physical competitions with women, it just isn’t a fair fight.

Shockingly, a feminine hygiene products company is trying to get in on this transgender action. In support of its transgender and nonbinary customers, Always is removing the female symbol, a cross with a circle on top, from all its packaging. This move is in order to make it more “inclusive” and “affirm” the transgender community. It’s a little ridiculous since the only people who need menstrual supplies are biological women. 

The realities of biology haven’t changed, but our cultural beliefs sure have. 

There’s also the case out of a Canada, where a biological man who believes he is a woman tried to force female estheticians to give him a “bikini wax.” Of course, the women weren’t trained in that particular procedure nor were any of them comfortable completing the wax on a biological man. The women refused to complete the procedure and he sued them for denial of his “human rights.” Luckily a Canadian court disagreed.

“No woman should be compelled to touch male genitals against her will, irrespective of how the owner of the genitals identifies,” said Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

The man demanding the bikini wax was ordered to pay three of the women $2,000 each in compensation for dealing with his frivolous legal allegations. Although it was small, this was a victory for women. This Canadian man, who we won’t name to avoid giving him any extra publicity, wanted these minority women to recognize his self-proclaimed identity by forcing them to do something that was against their beliefs, training and comfort level.

This unbelievably aggressive push to support the transgender community means that what uniquely makes women, women is now seemingly a commodity that can be purchased and not a right of birth. If being a woman is something that can be prescribed by a doctor and gained through extensive surgical procedures, do women really exist anymore as a separate gender?

While the same could be said about men, since there are women who transition to men, there is one distinct difference. Throughout history, men have been called on to protect the “fairer sex” in times of conflict, disasters and crises. Will that no longer be the case? Some could argue that all people deserve protection, but in reality, women are much more vulnerable in those situations. What happens if they are treated just like men and not given the protection that they need? This is already happening in the military where the possibility of women in combat is become a reality. There is even talk of including women in the draft.

It feels like there should be a new suffragist movement, one that reclaims womanhood to those that are biologically female, and not to anyone who chemically and surgically tries to change their sex.

There is a great line from one sitcom that really fits here, “No uterus, no opinion.” Only biological women are women. Sorry guys, no boys allowed.