Allies of Focus on the Family are sending a letter to Twitter, declaring their support for the organization and the truth that “a person’s biological sex cannot be changed.” The effort, led by Family Policy Alliance (FPA), asks Twitter to reconsider its lockdown of The Daily Citizen for posting a tweet that defined a “transgender woman” as “a man who believes he is a woman.”

FPA also started a petition that they’ll send Twitter. The petition says,

Dear Twitter:

You recently banned Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen from your platform for stating a biological fact: A biological male is a male.

I stand with Focus on the Family. So, if you are going to ban them, are you going to ban millions of others like me who believe that biology is reality—and that freedom of speech matters in America?

If your censorship continues, Twitter will become a stagnant echo chamber.

The letter to Twitter says,

We, the undersigned, are both state and national organizations who represent millions of Americans who all hold to the truth that a person’s biological sex cannot be changed. And we will continue to speak this truth freely.

You recently locked out Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen from their Twitter account for speaking this truth. We all stand beside Focus on the Family. So, if you ban them, are we next?

The letter expresses appreciation to Twitter for creating “a new, innovative vehicle for honing in on the heart of a message, spreading the word about important news or issues quickly, and helping users share or refine their messages together.”

But it also warns the social media giant that the platform may become irrelevant because it “has banned so many of its own users.” The missive continues, “Closed-mindedness and forced homogenization don’t win hearts and minds to ideas. Rather, sharing stories, conversation and real relationship-building are far more effective.”

FPA is an organization that advocates on behalf of policies that promote life, family, marriage and freedom. The letter was co-signed by other national organizations such as the American College of Pediatricians, a medical association that promotes the health and well-being of children, and the American Principles Project, a pro-family policy organization that engages in political advocacy.

Family Policy Councils from more than two dozen states also signed the letter. These are state-level, independent organizations that equip Christians to understand culture and policy issues; lobby for legislation that supports life, family, marriage and freedom; and work to influence public opinion on these key issues.

In addition to the petition and the letter, earlier today FPA launched a Twitter campaign, #AreWeNext? They and supportive organizations and individuals are asking if they’ll also be locked out of Twitter for stating the truth that transgender-identified individuals remain the genetic and biological sex they were born, regardless of drugs, hormones and surgeries.

The tweet says,

Interested readers can join that effort – but be warned, you could be locked out by Twitter, too.

Focus on the Family’s The Daily Citizen is deeply grateful to Family Policy Alliance and the many groups and individuals who oppose Twitter censorship and support religious freedom and free speech.

To take action:

Retweet FPA’s post.

Sign the petition.

Read the letter.

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