Focus on the Family is launching an exciting, new, pro-life get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort that will reach millions of potential voters during the final two weeks of this year’s election cycle.

The cornerstone of the campaign is a new commercial that will run on Fox News and CNN this week. The ad is titled “A Child’s Right to Dream.”

Appearing three times on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” once on Wednesday and twice on Friday as well as twice on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” once on Wednesday and once on Thursday, the commercials will reach millions of viewers and potential voters.

The ad features the story of a preborn baby whose mother’s doctor encouraged her to abort. She refused, and her son was born premature and was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Today, that preborn baby is Dr. Tyler Sexton, M.D., who lives a full life serving kids as a pediatrician.

The new commercial is narrated by Dr. Sexton and aims to encourage viewers to vote pro-life during this election.

He begins by explaining his story:

“I was born premature and almost died. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I’ve had more that 16 surgeries. I was told I would never be like the other kids. I’d never be normal.

“Some people didn’t see the value of my life, but my mother, she dared me to dream, to set goals. I’ve never been able to run like the other children, but I’m a pediatrician today, helping kids who have dreams.

“This November, vote for a child’s right to dream. Vote for the right to live. Vote life,” Dr. Sexton remarks.

The ad concludes by directing viewers to a newly launched Focus on the Family webpage which also encourages citizens to “vote life.”

“As you cast your ballot this election season, you don’t have to change your views. Just act on what you already believe,” the new webpage encourages readers. The website also features a pledge where people can sign up to get involved and that allows them to receive “updates, encouragement, and helpful, pro-life resources.”

As an added effort to help citizens make informed choices while voting this year, The Daily Citizen has created a new presidential voter guide that compares the candidates on various issues. The guide uses direct quotes from the candidates themselves to inform citizens about the views of each contender.

To check out The Daily Citizen’s new voter guide, click here.

To watch the new commercial or to visit the “vote life” webpage, click here.

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