Four young women have filed lawsuits against doctors and hospitals who damaged their bodies with “transgender” medical interventions like puberty blockers, hormone suppressants, opposite-sex hormones and surgeries.

Chloe Cole, Kayla Lovdahl, Prisha Mosley and Soren Aldaco have filed suits alleging they suffered physical and psychological harms from these treatments.

Each young woman struggled with mental and emotional issues in her adolescent years, was rushed into “transitioning” by medical professionals, and has been irreparably harmed by so-called “gender-affirming care.”

Chloe Cole was the first to file a lawsuit, earlier this year in California, alleging that Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, The Permanente Medical Group and three doctors had improperly treated her with chemical and surgical interventions, leaving her with “deep physical and emotional wounds, severe regrets, and distrust of the medical system.”

Cole wrestled with “a complex, multi-faceted array of mental health symptoms as a child and adolescent,” the lawsuit alleges. Like many young girls, she struggled with her femininity and appearance, had negative views of being a woman, and “naively thought she was not and could not ever be an attractive female.”

Cole searched online for answers, where she discovered “LGBT activist groups and transgender influencers that praised and promoted individuals who identified as transgender.” The lawsuit says:

Eventually she “came out” to some of her peers that she was a boy and engaged with these various online activist LGBT groups, receiving the support and praise for her decision that she craved.

She was only 12 years old.

When she told her parents, they scheduled a meeting with a psychologist who affirmed her sexual identity confusion, rather than exploring her underlying issues.

At age 13, she met with an endocrinologist who “prescribed Lupron Depot, a puberty blocker, and testosterone to Chloe” – despite the fact that most children will come to embrace their biological sex if they are not medically “transitioned.”

When she was only 15 years old, doctors performed a radical, double mastectomy. The suit lists the harms Chloe Cole has suffered and the medical negligence from those who rushed her into these procedures.

The second young woman to file suit, in June, was Kayla Lovdahl, who is also suing Kaiser Hospitals and two of the same doctors who treated Chloe Cole: Dr. Lisa Kristine Taylor, M.D., an endocrinologist, and Susanne E. Watson, Ph.D., a psychologist.

Lovdahl had numerous “mental health symptoms as a child and adolescent,” the suit alleges. When she was 11, she “was exposed to online transgender influencers who prompted Kayla to entertain the erroneous belief that she was transgender.”

Unfortunately, the doctors agreed with her self-diagnosis, and prescribed puberty blockers and testosterone – when she was 12 years old. She had a double mastectomy at age 13. The lawsuit states, “This all occurred after Dr. Watson determined in a single, 75-minute transition evaluation that Kayla was transgender.”

Lovdahl’s suit explains:

This case is about a team of doctors (i.e., the Defendants) who decided to perform a damaging, imitation sex change experiment on Kayla, then a twelve-year-old vulnerable girl struggling with complex mental health co-morbidities, who needed care, attention, and psychotherapy, not cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgery.

A third lawsuit from a “detransitioner” – someone who regrets medical procedures to change their appearance to look like the opposite sex – was filed by Prisha Mosley on July 17. She alleges fraud and medical malpractice were committed by the counselors and doctors who encouraged her to transition, prescribed testosterone and removed her breasts.

The suit, filed in North Carolina, states:

Instead of telling Prisha the truth and informing her accurately and fully, Defendants lied to Prisha. They lied when they told Prisha she was actually a boy; they lied when they told her that injecting testosterone into her body would solve her numerous, profound mental and psychological health problems; and they lied when they told her about the nature and effects of “breast reduction” surgery, which in actuality was a surgery to remove her healthy breasts and render her incapable of nursing a child (should she even be able to conceive one, which, due to her taking testosterone for years, may not be possible).

And they lied by omission, withholding critical information from her about the long-term adverse health consequences and permanent damage these “treatments” would cause her, and failing to inform her of alternative courses of treatment for her psychological problems and ensure she had a clear understanding of those alternatives.

Finally, Soren Aldaco, a fourth “detransitioner,” has charged the Crane Clinic, a Texas center for transgender surgeries, several medical and counseling clinics, and individual health care workers with medical negligence. She claims that “in their pursuit of experimental ‘gender-affirming’ medical therapies” they “administered a series of ruinous procedures and treatments.”

The complaint says these interventions, including an estrogen blocker, testosterone injections and a double mastectomy, occurred when Aldaco “was then a vulnerable teenager struggling with a slew of mental health issues.”

The suit, filed on July 21, goes on to say:

Soren’s experiences with these providers shock the [conscience]. The repercussions of these interventions have led to Soren’s permanent disfigurement and profound psychological scarring.

disfigurement and profound psychological scarring.

Like the other teens who have had these horrific procedures and filed suit, Aldaco “was grappling not only with the universal challenges of adolescence and body image but also with a complex amalgamation of diagnosed mental health comorbidities and other psychological and social disorders.”

And, like them, she was “permanently and irreversibly” disfigured and disabled, her suit claims, as she suffered “horrible complications” from this medical malfeasance.

We pray that these cases will be resolved in favor of these young women whose lives have been so harmed by gender ideology and by these damaging drugs, hormones and surgeries.

And may these lawsuits keep more young girls from harm by bringing about the unraveling of the transgender medical industry.

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