This is my third time at the March for Life, and each time it is overwhelming to see the number of young, old and every age in-between proudly proclaiming their support for life. But this year was extra special. The President of the United States, for the first time in history, attended the March.

Of course, having the keynote given by President Donald Trump was certainly impressive. But the focus of the March is always on the babies, women and families affected by abortion. This year’s theme for the March was Pro-Life is Pro-Woman, and it seemed to really resonate with the crowd.

“I’m here because I love Jesus and He’s revealed to me through my walk that every child is precious to Him and designed in His image,” Joy said. A sidewalk advocate for the past six months, she was excited to attend the March for the first time. “And maybe we can’t understand the why or how a woman has become pregnant, but it’s designed by God and He has it worked out for the baby. I’m also a sidewalk advocate, so I’m here to get revived.”

“I like the theme because God designed us as women. If it’s His will for us to be a mother (it will happen). It’s empowering by God to be a woman and to be pro-life.” 

But it’s not just women—men also came out to lend their strength to the pro-life message.

“I’m here to support the cause, to support life, and to be a voice for the voiceless,” Dave, a Cleveland native who traveled out to DC just to attend the March, said. “It’s very important for me, as a Christian, to protect life.”

“Women are affected the most by abortion. It’s great to see a lot of women out here, a lot of younger women. It’s not the image that I think most of the media tries to portray, that we’re a minority or something. I don’t feel like we are. Pro-life is pro-woman for sure.” 

Virginia transplant Laurie is attending the March for a second time. She plans on attending every year while she lives in the area. 

“I’m here to support the unborn babies that can’t have a voice,” Laurie said. “I just wanted to be part of the rally, so I came out last year and this year to show my support for pro-life and to see Trump.” 

“Women should have rights. But I also agree that the baby in the womb has a right.” 

It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of people came out to join the March for Life. Although every year is special and there are always amazing guests, having been in the crowd there was a certain electricity when President Trump spoke. Despite the constant presence of the Secret Service and the four men with intimidatingly large rifles stationed in crows nests close to the stage, the people didn’t seem to mind. They were there to celebrate life and get reinvigorated, regardless of who was scheduled to speak.