The world’s largest pro-life event is taking place this Friday, January 21, 2022, in Washington D.C. The March for Life is an annual rally and march marking the anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion nationwide. This year marks the 49th March for Life.

The rally will be held in Washington D.C. on the National Mall. Christian artist and songwriter Matthew West will perform at the pre-rally concert from 11 am-12 pm ET. The rally begins at noon and features many well-known advocates for life including:

  • Kirk Cameron, Actor & Producer
  • Julia Letlow, United States House of Representatives (LA-05)
  • Toni McFadden, pro-life advocate and founder of Relationship Matters
  • Lisa Robertson, Duck Dynasty
  • Mike Schmitz, host of “Bible in a Year” podcast
  • Katie Shaw, Down Syndrome Advocate
  • Chris Smith, United States House of Representatives (NJ-04)
  • George Schuberg, student speaker – Christendom College
  • Kristen Waggoner, General Counsel – Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Rachel Young, Registered Nurse
  • His Eminence, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, Orthodox Church
  • Cissie Graham Lynch of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Following the rally, around 1 pm ET, attendees will march from the National Mall to the steps of the United States Supreme Court to demonstrate their support for protecting the life of preborn babies. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign will share testimonies outside the Supreme Court after the march.

Abortion advocates, worried that the Supreme Court may overrule Roe v. Wade, are attempting to pass legislation at the federal and state levels that would legalize abortion for any reason whatsoever including race, gender, and disability. It is both horrifying and repulsive.

These attempts to codify abortion on demand with no limits are unconscionable, discriminatory, and evil.

This year’s March for Life theme is “Equality Begins in the Womb.” Organizers contend that currently, “Discrimination…begins in the womb. If we discriminate between unborn children, choosing who shall live and who shall die based on immutable characteristics, what is to stop us from doing the same to them throughout their life?” Indeed.

Societies that deny the value of human life are societies on the brink of moral bankruptcy.

The right to life is a human right, and it belongs to all humans regardless of age, size, location, or ability.

The March for Life is one way to be a witness to society that every human life deserves to be valued and protected.

Life is worth fighting for and celebrating together — that is why pro-life supporters march.

Friends in the Washington D.C. area are encouraged to attend the rally and march in person. It is a family-friendly event. Those who live further away can attend the event virtually. The rally and march will be live-streamed on the March for Life website, Facebook page, and on YouTube.

Pro-life friends are also encouraged to investigate opportunities to march for life in their own state. This past weekend pro-life supporters marched for life in Colorado and Arkansas. Thousands turned out in those states to show their support for pre-born babies.

Governor Asa Hutchinson addressed the crowd in Little Rock, Arkansas, with these encouraging words, “We are winning the battle of the public mind. It’s through our optimism, through science, through medicine that teaches that life is in the womb, and now we have a chance — because the Mississippi case that is before the United States Supreme Court — to revoke, reverse, Roe v. Wade.”

It is an exciting time to be pro-life. The momentum is on our side. The truth is on our side. And God is on our side. Amen!

Photo from the March for Life.