Mayor Pete Buttigieg has apparently won the Iowa caucuses according to the initial results. Buttigieg received 26.9% of available delegates and Senator Bernie Sanders came in second with 25.1%. Third place was clinched by Senator Elizabeth Warren with 18.3% and former Vice President Joe Biden came in fourth with 15.6%.

Senator Amy Klobuchar received 12.6% of the vote and businessman Andrew Yang got 1.1%. Candidates Steyer, Bloomberg, Bennet, Gabbard and Patrick all received less than 1% of the vote.

These results are based on how many delegates each candidate received to the Iowa state Democrat convention. The state delegates will then determine how many national delegates each candidate will receive at the Democrat national convention in July.

According to the popular vote, Senator Bernie Sanders came in first with with 27,088 votes. Buttigieg received 23,666 votes. Senator Elizabeth Warren got 20,848 votes and former Vice President Biden received 16,179 votes. These numbers are based off the 62% of the vote that the Iowa Democrat party has released, and could change as the rest of the results come in. 

According to a press conference held by Tom Price, the party was able to report 62% of the results on Tuesday afternoon. It is important to note that the final tally of the vote will change, since the Iowa Democrat Party hasn’t released the totality of the results. There is no word on when the other 38% of the results will be released, or why they are not yet ready to be disclosed. 

Iowa caucus-goers and political junkies across the nation were left bewildered after the results from the first primary of 2020 was delayed for hours, before the party revealed that they didn’t expect to release any of the results on election night. Those hoping to see the results posted after waking up in the morning were similarly dismayed. The Daily Citizen’s Bruce Hausknecht wrote on the Democrat’s “App-alling” election night fiasco. 

Now that we have the initial results from the Iowa Caucus, Democrat presidential contenders can move on and concentration on the New Hampshire primary which will be held Tuesday, February 11.


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Photo by Gage Skidmore