CNN claims the Bible is pornographic and should not be studied as literature in schools, yet they accept and even encourage LGBT literature on school shelves that are so offensive that concerned parents have been told they cannot read it aloud at school board meetings.

According to The New York Times, Oklahoma’s state superintendent mandated all public schools teach the Bible as literature describing the text as a “indispensable historical and cultural touchstone.”

This move, The New York Times stated, “blurred the lines between religious instruction and public education.” Media Research Center’s Newbusters stated the Sooner State put the plan in place in an “effort to give Oklahoman children an accurate sense of American History.”

Pamela Brown, host of CNN News Central, had a strong opinion about the Bible in the school system. When interviewing the superintendent, Ryan Walters, her first question accused Walters of wanting to impose the idea of pornography, beheading and incest upon children, asking him, “Do you support teaching children about those topics?”

Walters, reluctant to spar with the host, defended the new mandate, not directly answering the question but “explained that referencing the Bible was necessary to understand historical documents,” stated Fox News. He continued, “To not teach that in the classroom is academic malpractice.”

He argued that perhaps the left was trying to censor American history by excluding religious documents.

Brown was quick to attack with her own misunderstanding of American history, “You didn’t answer my question… and by the way, Thomas Jefferson advocated for freedom of religion, actually, not the establishment of a religion.”

The Daily Citizen has previously written on this topic, which can be read here.

On his X post, Walters wrote, “The left is upset, but one cannot rewrite history.”

The Oklahoma’s superintendent’s decision comes shortly after Louisiana’s governor signed a bill to require the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every classroom, public universities and K-12 schools included.

These might only be two steps, but they are two steps in the right direction. These students will now have the influence of biblical truth in a world of relativistic uncertainty.


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