When Miley Cyrus first became part of the pop culture scene, she was a young teenager and the star of the wildly popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana with her father Billy Ray Cyrus. But unlike some former Disney stars, the moment she reached adulthood was about as subtle as a wrecking ball. Overnight it seemed like the long hair and southern charm were gone and replaced with a gyrating, tongue wagging pansexual who simulated sexual acts live on television in an infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance. Now she is using her latest music single, and a partnership with designer Marc Jacobs and Planned Parenthood, to support abortion and radical feminism.

The single is titled “Mother’s Daughter” and is apparently dedicated to her mother, who appears with her in the video. According to the music video’s director, Alexandre Moors, the video is “about a woman’s body – the right to own your own body and make it free from the male gaze, in any way shape and form.” If that was the intention, it failed miserably. The content is so sexually explicit and the language so crass that even liberal websites labeled it NSFW or not suitable for work, and they couldn’t be more right.

In the video, Cyrus spends much of her time dancing provocatively in a red latex full body suit complete with a metal vagina dentata (Google at your own risk) in a song meant to “celebrate” feminism and the female body. As per the main theme, the video depicts a mother breastfeeding, C-section sutures, menstruation and a morbidly obese woman. It also tackles LGBT issues by including gender nonconforming or transgender individuals, including a shirtless transman who has had her breasts removed.

To say the video is NSFW is an understatement, and that doesn’t even cover the single’s lyrics. Here is a slight sample, “Don’t f— with my freedom, I came back to get me some, I’m nasty, I’m evil, must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter” and also “Hallelujah, I’m a witch, I’m a witch, hallelujah.” The content is so extreme with its vile imagery and explicit language that The Daily Citizen has made the decision to not include a link directly to the video in this article. 

It’s also still unclear how a highly sexually charged video is supposed to make women’s bodies “free from the male gaze,” but hey, anything for headlines and to establish your “woke” cred, right?

Although there is no abortion specifically depicted in the video, there were sly references. One of the other individuals in the video had painted her back with the saying “my body, my rules.” A rather obvious reference to abortion and the so-called bodily autonomy movement.

Fighting for abortion “rights” seems on trend for Cyrus, who recently made her stance on abortion perfectly clear when she posted an Instagram picture showing herself licking the frosting off a cake that says, “Abortion is Healthcare.” In the post she also announced that she would be doing a collaboration with Planned Parenthood and clothing and beauty designer Marc Jacobs.

Called the “charity hoodie,” the $175 sweatshirt shows Cyrus on the front with the words from her song, “Don’t f— with my freedom.” Ironically on the sweatshirt, Cyrus is only wearing a pair of jeans and using what looks like two halves of a fruit to cover her modesty. In the description of this overpriced item, it says that people can “join the movement” and that 100% of the net proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. It’s a ridiculous fundraising effort for a multibillion-dollar organization. Planned Parenthood doesn’t need any more money, and I think that many Americans would be better off without seeing a topless Cyrus on an overpriced sweatshirt. Or maybe that’s just me?

As child stars inevitably grow up, it is difficult to watch them shed their more wholesome image in the pursuit of being “more adult.” Miley Cyrus may think that her latest music video is a celebration of feminism, abortion, and acceptance, but the actual result is a nearly 4-minute video that pushes the boundaries of decency and is deliberately vulgar for the sake of shock value. Cyrus is a talented vocalist, and it is a shame to watch her waste her gifts on what could honestly be considered musical trash. 

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