Golden State Warriors’ all-star Stephen “Steph” Curry led his team to victory Wednesday night in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Considered one of the greatest guards in NBA history, his 21 points and 12 rebounds proved decisive.

Married since 2011, Curry and his wife are the proud parents of three children – two daughters and a son. An outspoken Christian, Curry has not been shy about his Christian faith.

“People should know who I represent and why I am who I am, and that’s because of my Lord and Savior,” he said.

But now we’ve learned that Steph Curry’s life was almost ended at a Planned Parenthood clinic over 34 years ago. After having one abortion in high school, Curry’s mother, Sonya, discovered she was pregnant again. Writing in her book, “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose,” Sonya tells of standing outside and preparing to go in to abort her baby before the Holy Spirit intervened and she responded.

“God had a plan for that child,” she said. 

“There could be no Stephen. If I would have gone through that there would have been no Wardell Stephen Curry II.” 

Abortion not only takes the life of the child, it also deprives the world of a future influenced and impacted by that individual. We reference the tragic and devastating toll of 60 million aborted babies – but what about all the children who would have been born to those children one day in the future? The generational impact is practically incalculable.

How many future NBA stars have been aborted? How about women and men who might find the cure to cancer or disease? What if a future doctor who might have found the cure to COVID-19 was aborted thirty or forty years ago?

I’m so glad Sonya chose life – and I hope and pray women who learn of her decision and who might be considering an abortion will do the same. Steph’s mother is correct in saying that God had a plan for her son. But the reality is the Lord has a plan for every life – and our hearts break and the world loses out each time that plan is rejected.

Photo from People.