The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), part of the Department of Health and Human Services, officially announced a new rule that would “mandate separate billing and collection for abortion services coverage provided by state exchange plans under the Affordable Care Act.”

In a statement, CMS said, “The rule better aligns with Congress’ intent that qualified health plans collect two distinct payments, one for the coverage of abortion services, and one for coverage of all other services covered under a Qualified Health Plan.”

This is a great step. Abortion coverage should never be provided at taxpayers’ expense. Especially for those that need healthcare and want to honor the government’s requirements about medical coverage.

“Being good stewards of taxpayer dollars and faithfully implementing the law are among the most important duties HHS has, and that’s what we’re doing with this rule,” Secretary Alex Azar said. “The rule is part of a much broader efforts at CMS, under Administrator Verma, to improve program integrity and reduce improper payments.”

Of course, pro-abortion organizations are not happy with this decision.

In a Tweet, Planned Parenthood wrote, “The Trump Administration just finalized a new rule that could wreck health insurance coverage for abortion. If implemented, more than 3 million people could be impacted. This is YET another direct ATTACK at abortion access. We will not stand for this. … The Trump administration’s end goal has always been to make abortion as expensive and hard to get as possible. This rule must not stand, and we’ll continue to fight against the administration’s attacks on our health and rights. Count on that.”

The radical pro-abortion group NARAL wrote, “Trump’s latest abortion coverage rule is designed to confuse you and deny you the care you need. Politicians shouldn’t be interfering in your personal, private medical decisions.”

Federal law prevents taxpayer funding for abortion (the Hyde Amendment), except in certain extreme circumstances, and that is how it should be. No American who is morally, spiritually and philosophically opposed to abortion should be forced to pay for it.

“I am grateful to President Trump and HHS Secretary Azar for taking action to overturn the Obama administration’s willful misinterpretation of the law by secretly collecting a surcharge for abortion services from people who never support abortions,” Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) said in a statement. “This rule is long overdue and should ensure that Obamacare recipients are not unknowingly subsidizing abortions.”

If abortion is a “choice,” then there should be no requirement for American citizens to fund an abortion. Women who want an abortion will need to fund it themselves and not rely on government assistance. “Choice” should extend both ways.