Abortionist Dr. Michael Creinin wants women to believe that the abortion pill process, also known as a chemical or medical abortion, is safe. It isn’t, and his own ethically questionable study to disprove the abortion pill reversal protocol just demonstrated how dangerous the abortion pill really is. 

A medical/chemical abortion is a two-step process. First, women take a drug called mifepristone, which blocks the essential pregnancy hormone progesterone. About 24-48 hours after taking mifepristone, women then take a large dose of misoprostol, a drug meant to help with stomach ulcers, but also induces uterine contractions. Some of the complications that women can experience include hemorrhaging, incomplete abortion, infection and other serious and potentially fatal complications. But abortionists don’t want women to know that, or that there is a process that can reverse an abortion.

Dr. George Delgado, a physician from the San Diego, California area, created the abortion pill reversal protocol after a plea from a sidewalk counselor. The process is simple. Mifepristone, the first drug, blocks the progesterone, so the reversal is simply to replenish the progesterone through injections of the naturally occurring chemical within about 24-72 hours after ingesting the mifepristone. 

The process makes perfect sense medically. Even Dr. Harvey Kliman of Yale’s School of Medicine agrees and would give his own daughter progesterone if she accidentally took mifepristone while pregnant. That’s a pretty rousing endorsement. 

But Dr. Michael Creinin, an abortionist from University of California, Davis, and other abortionists disagree, for philosophical and not scientific reasons. Dr. Creinin set out to disprove Dr. Delgado’s protocol with a rather ethically questionable study. In order to test the veracity of reversing a medical abortion, Dr. Creinin wanted 40 women to volunteer to delay their desired surgical abortion while they underwent the abortion pill reversal protocol. Also, while half of the women underwent the reversal protocol, the other half received just the placebo. To make the research “scientific.”

The study didn’t go as planned, and actually the doctors decided to abandon it after just 12 patients.

But this decision to stop the study doesn’t have anything to do with the abortion pill reversal protocol and seemingly everything to do with the abortion pill itself. Unsurprisingly, instead of demonstrating that the reversal protocol is a failure, the study actually confirmed that the abortion pill is risky and dangerous to even the smallest number of patients.

According to a summary of the study (it hasn’t been released in full yet), three patients had severe hemorrhaging. Pro-abortion supporters, and even Dr. Creinin, argue that it demonstrates the failure of the abortion-reversal protocol, but according to the study that isn’t true. In fact, two of the three women who experienced severe hemorrhaging were on the placebo. That is, they never received the progesterone required to complete abortion pill reversal protocol. 

Since the patients  on the placebo were hemorrhaging, it’s clear that the mifepristone caused the medical problems   not the progesterone. 

Even in the case of the patient who was given the progesterone, the hemorrhaging could have been the result of the mifepristone, depending on how much time passed and if the abortion was already occurring. The study also mentions that two women opted out after three days due to “nausea and vomiting, bleeding,” which are common side-effects of the mifepristone.

According to this study, the reversal process works. Four patients who received the reversal protocol continued to have “gestational cardiac activity” for two weeks. In other words, their babies survived and still had beating hearts in the womb, until a surgical abortion finished the job. Despite what abortionists think, it is possible for women to safely halt the chemical/medical abortion process with progesterone if they act quickly enough. Heartbeat International reports that about 900 babies have been saved. Those human lives are something that you can’t put a price on.

If you have taken the abortion pill within the last 24-72 hours and have changed your mind, there is still hope. Visit abortionpillreversal.com or call (877) 558-0333 to see if treatment is possible.