In this election year, more women have been elected to serve in Congress than ever before, especially conservative women. One of them is Representative-elect Lauren Boebert, who is going to serve Colorado’s Third Congressional District, which encompasses most of the western half of the state.

A small-business owner and proud supporter of gun rights, Boebert decided to run for Congress for one simple reason: frustration.

“I was fed up with politicians, and I was frustrated by government overreach,” Boebert said in an interview with The Daily Citizen. “We elect officials to secure our rights, that’s why government has been instituted. Our most fundamental, basic rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and they’re endowed by our Creator. These are our God-given rights, and government is instituted to protect them.”

“I was seeing far too many elected officials giving our rights away, rather than protecting them. There was a lot of frustration that was building up in me and I believe that frustration led me to be part of the solution. I wanted to put my hand in something and produce the results that I wanted to see in my government.”

Though the House is still in Democrat control, the Republicans welcomed, perhaps, the most diverse freshman class in the history of the party.

“My freshman class is the greatest. I’m so honored to be a part of it,” Boebert said. “I think people all across our nation did an excellent job electing a GOP freshman class that actually looks like America. We have the most women, we have the most minorities, we have veterans. It’s incredible the mix and caliber of people who are in this freshman class.”

Like schools, Congress also has a freshman orientation, which Boebert recently attended.

“I’ve spent the past few weeks getting to know the members of this class personally and it’s so encouraging to hear their stories and why they stepped up. There are so many people who put their personal lives on hold to do their part to serve their country. They knew that this election was freedom vs. socialism, and they were doing their part to defend freedom and to secure liberty for generations to come. To renew the American dream and to make sure that this remains the land of opportunity. I’m just so proud to be a part of that with them,” Boebert shared.

As the first woman elected to serve her district, Boebert focused during the campaign on connecting with voters personally and listening, rather than just talking.

“I didn’t run or campaign on the fact that I’m a woman, I was really connecting with the voters and presenting my case on why I’m the best candidate and why I was the most qualified for the job,” Boebert explained.

“I don’t believe that knowledge of policy necessarily is what someone should look for. I wanted them to know me, and why I was the most principled candidate. Who would not back down or cave in to leadership or appease someone else in my voting in hopes of getting something else done. I wanted them to know they could trust me with the issues that matter most to them.”

One of those key issues is energy. Living in Rifle, Colorado, which is off I-70 on the way to Grand Junction, she’s seen how the growing regulations on the energy industry is hurting and breaking up families.

“More of 50% of our lands are federal lands and energy is a huge part of our economy,” Boebert said. “This industry has been over regulated, and we have lost thousands of jobs, high paying jobs in our district. Families have been separated because dad has to go work in another state or sometimes even another country. Families move away. Small businesses have to shutter their doors because that revenue isn’t coming in anymore because we don’t have the jobs that grant people the luxury of shopping a little extra on a Saturday or sitting down in a restaurant and patronizing that small business. Energy is something I’m most focused on.”

She’s also a strong supporter of life.

“When it comes to abortion issues, I want to be a strong voice inviting men to the conversation. This is not a woman’s rights issue, this is a human rights issue, and I will always defend the sanctity of life issue,” Boebert said.

“I believe we need to have a mass reeducation of these younger generations in what’s truly taking place in an abortion. Enlightening this generation with truth, it could really redirect the way women are thinking about the decisions they are making. It’s really sad that our most basic right is the right to life, and there are so many women who have been deceived and have taken the life of someone else because of the advice they were given.”

Boebert will also bring a unique perspective to Washington as someone who really embodies and has experienced the American Dream.

“As a woman, I came up on welfare and had my first job at 15-years-old. I learned I can do a better job taking care of myself than the government ever could,” Boebert said. “I even left my last few months of high school to pursue a management position I was offered with my job because there was more value in being able to provide for my family and myself than sitting in a high school geography class.”

“But that’s the American Dream. And there are no limitations. The only person in my way and limiting me is myself. I really try to put forward a limitless way of thinking. That I can do anything I put my hand to, and it will prosper.

“I love our country, that’s what makes America so exceptional because we have the American Dream, and we can do anything we set our heart to,” Boebert said.

Boebert is married with four sons and owns Shooters Grill, which is off I-70 and allows its waitstaff and customers to carry firearms.

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