Governor Kevin Stitt signed a proclamation on October 31 declaring November “Family Month” in the state of Oklahoma.

The governor held a press conference to sign the proclamation, expressing a desire to make Oklahoma “the most pro-family state in the nation.”

The proclamation states that family is “the foundational institution of society, ordained by God, and is the cornerstone of a healthy society,” adding that families “continue to be the most central social circle that a person can experience.”

“The health and strength of the average family determines the path of society, and greatly relies on the strength and determination of fathers, the love and wisdom of mothers, and the joyful presence of children,” the proclamation declares. “Oklahoma views children as a gift to their parents and a joy to society.”

To celebrate Family Month, the state of Oklahoma will celebrate families by championing core family values through social media, strategic partnerships and community engagement, the governor’s office said.

The Oklahoma Department of Tourism will offer free admission and waived parking fees at select state parks during the weekends before and after Thanksgiving to encourage families to travel together. The parks include Thunderbird Park, Forrest Mountain, Robbers Cave, Lake Murray, Lake Wister and Sequoyah State Park.

Additionally, the Oklahoma Restaurant Association is coordinating with the governor’s office to offer discounts at select restaurants during November, with specific details to be released in the coming days.

“Families are the very foundation upon which we build our lives,” said Governor Stitt. “For Family Month, we recognize that families shape our values, nurture our dreams, and stand by us through thick and thin.” He added,

As Governor, I am committed to uplifting Oklahoma families, and I believe that in doing so, we will see a positive shift in the direction of our state, and by extension, our nation.

The governor also posted about the celebration on X, formerly known as Twitter:

As an institution designed by God, families serve as the basic building block of society. Without families, there is no society and there therefore, no states or nations.

That’s why it’s greatly encouraging to see Oklahoma publicly recognize the importance of families and take steps to promote and honor the family.

As marriage and fertility continue to decline in the United States – and in many places worldwide – holding up and celebrating the family becomes even more important.

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