Colorado College is ostensibly an elite institution of higher education in the Daily Citizen’s lovely mountain-nestled burg of Colorado Springs. It has a stellar reputation among progressives with a rich and hard-working faculty. It is also an architectural jewel in our town. But we were recently struck by an official notice posted in the bathrooms at their impressive library facility.

Yes, bathrooms have unfortunately become a place of woke politics. This fact is so common, too many of us have sadly gotten used to it and seldom bat an eye.

But we noticed something truly unnerving on a recent visit to the Colorado College library. In their truly helpful supply of feminine products that women can conveniently make use of free of charge, they also make a very dramatic and deeply concerning statement about a fundamentally female phenomenon. The library leadership wants everyone to know that “periods have no gender.”

And this from a rigorous, unapologetically science-based place of higher education, where facts, truth, wisdom, and virtue are paramount.

What they are intentionally communicating with this carefully placed poster is dogma. Make believe, running directly contrary to reality, biology and human language itself.

Periods are indeed actually all about gender. Literally. Librarians have the resources to check this themselves.

Etymology teaches us the word gender derives from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root gene, meaning to “give birth, to beget, with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.” It shares the same root as other very fertile words like genesis, generate, geneology, genus, and yes, even genitals. It is also closely related to other similar procreative words such as gonad, impregnate, natal, nature, and progenitor.

So yes, periods do indeed have a gender. And that gender is unapologetically the female sex. Periods are in fact ALL about gender because they exist to renew the reproductive cycle and power of women. Without periods, women cannot do one of the most powerful, consequential and unique things that only women can do. To tell students anything else is to speak a falsehood. This is what Colorado College is doing. And to say something that is clearly false, but present it as truth, is either straight-up lying or delusional. They are certainly not merely mistaken because they did this on purpose.

No one should act as if public proclamations like this are simply the new normal. It should be called out and denounced for what it is: a wholly anti-scientific recreation of human reality.