Today is the final day for the public to make comments on the new Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rules, which would return millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood after the previous administration stripped the abortion business of its Title X funding. However, despite the call for public comments, the new administration’s decision is likely a foregone conclusion.

In 2019, the Trump administration changed the Title X rules and required abortion clinics to separate their general health services and those related to abortion. Those that didn’t, like Planned Parenthood, lost their Title X funding. At the time, that was to the tune of about $60 million.

After introducing the newly proposed rules, HHS has given the public an opportunity to make comments either for or against, though it’s unlikely to have much impact on the final decision.

Planned Parenthood is already celebrating this change.

On Twitter, Planned Parenthood tweeted, “TODAY is the last day to submit your comment asking the Biden administration to rescind the Title X gag rule, restore the Title X program, and protect what is #RightfullyOurs. Add your name before it is too late.”

“We need to restore Title X now more than ever. We’re calling on the Biden administration to repeal the Trump-era Title X gag rule that jeopardized accessible care for millions. TODAY is the last day to sign on,” Planned Parenthood Action, the organization’s lobbying arm, wrote on Twitter.

Alexis McGill Johnson, Planned Parenthood’s president, tweeted, “We need you to submit a comment to the Biden-Harris administration telling them why the Title X gag rule has got to go. NOW. Together we can drive our collective imagination forward. It’s time to take what’s #RightfullyOurs.”

The idea that an abortion business considers taxpayer dollars fair game and “rightfully ours” is troubling, especially as Planned Parenthood already has billions in the bank.

Throughout the year, Planned Parenthood consistently asks the public for funding to support their efforts, last year raising $510 million in just private donations alone—however, most of those funds never go to support actual low-income women who need health care. Instead, it all goes into the corporation’s war chest so it can lobby on the local, state and federal level for pro-abortion, LGBT and other pieces of progressive legislation.

This could be seen with the closing of two non-abortion Planned Parenthood locations in Ohio after the then Title X rules went into effect. Based on Planned Parenthood’s assets, it should have been able to easily keep those clinics afloat until a new administration came in and reversed the policy. But it didn’t. To make a political point, the abortion business allowed those two locations to close and denied the community health care because its corporate headquarters was more interested in hoarding its funding.

In reality, Planned Parenthood only wants to pay for abortion lobbying. When it comes to health care services, the business is more than willing to let taxpayers pick up the tab.

Unfortunately, with the changing of the administration and with radical pro-abortion supporter Xavier Becerra helming HHS, Planned Parenthood can look forward to millions more in unnecessary funding coming its way soon.

Though it may not affect the outcome, Americans can make their views on this change public by commenting on the official HHS website. If you would like to state your disapproval of taxpayer dollars going towards Planned Parenthood, you can make comments here.

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