Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) announced his resignation from Congress yesterday, citing a need to focus on his growing family. Duffy recently received news that his unborn child, due in October, has a serious heart condition. 
“I have always been open to signs from God when it comes to balancing my desire to serve both my family and my country,” Duffy wrote on Facebook. “With much prayer, I have decided that this is the right time for me to take a break from public service.”
He continued:
“It is not an easy decision…but it is the right decision for my family, which is my first love and responsibility.”
Duffy wrote that serving Wisconsin was the “highest honor” of his life.
Duffy and his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, told “Fox & Friends” that the schedule of a Congressman is taking a toll on their family. Duffy said being in D.C. four days a week and traveling in his district makes it difficult to emotionally support his wife and children.  
“Every congressional family…we all talk about work-life balance for our families,” Rachel Campos-Duffy told Fox. “At some point, you’ve just got to put your family first.”
The couple expects the child, their ninth, to be born with holes in her heart. The baby will eventually need open-heart surgery. 
Duffy, who is serving his fifth term, will resign September 23.