I don’t watch Saturday Night Live – probably like most of you, our readers.

So I had to learn fourthhand – via my boss pointing to Gary Bauer’s ‘End of Day Report’ quoting Todd Starnes – that SNL “kicked off the yuletide season by performing a disgusting skit called ‘Hip Hop Nativity.’”

The sketch, “Hip-Hop Nativity,” started with two glittery Christmas pageant producers deciding “times are changin’” and “we can’t do the normal, boring pageant thing this year.” It’s “too old” and “too boomer.”

So, they start by teaching Joseph how to do a hip-hop “pimp walk” … and that’s all I could stomach watching.

Starnes said the not-funny-sketch included a twerking actor portraying baby Jesus and his mother, Mary, twirling on a stripper pole.

He made the point that SNL would never produce similar “skits about the Prophet Mohammad for their Ramadan show.”

But the Son of God? He’s fair game for mockers.

Bauer explains that the video gives proof that “there are two Americas” – those who rely on Christ – and those, seen more and more in the entertainment world and the media, who mock Him.

It’s easy to just get angry and simmer about such dark sacrilege. But this is an issue where you can actually make your voice heard. As Bauer explains:

ACTION ITEM: Click here now to send a message to NBC. Under the option for “Issue Type”, select “I have feedback and don’t require assistance.” Then select, “I have negative feedback,” and let them know just how offensive their anti-Christian bigotry is.

In addition to responding to NBC, you can also pray for the actors, writers and management of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Ask God to open blind eyes, turn them from darkness to light and save them from sin. 

After all, that is why Jesus came to this broken world. That’s still Good News, even in the midst of depravity and emptiness.

Photo from Youtube.