The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a “Help Not Harm” bill on Thursday, Jan. 19, prohibiting physicians from performing transgender medical interventions on minors.

The bill (HB 4624) would make it illegal for physicians to provide puberty blocking drugs, opposite sex hormones and surgeries to make minors appear more like the opposite sex.

The legislation overwhelmingly passed the South Carolina House in an 82-23 vote. It has now been sent to the Senate, where it has been referred to the Committee on Medical Affairs. The Senate is likely to pass the legislation in the coming days.

“This crucial legislation, focusing on regulating gender transition procedures for minors, stands a as a bold statement of our dedication to safeguarding our children’s futures,” the South Carolina House GOP Caucus posted on X after passing the bill.

The Palmetto Family Council, a Focus on the Family-allied organization, issued a statement after HB 4624 was approved.

“After six hours of robust debate in the House of Representatives, the Help Not Harm bill passed in a bipartisan manner 82-23!” the council said, adding,

This bill will prevent the dangerous and lasting effects of the transgender ideology being thrust upon the children of South Carolina through puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation.

The organization encouraged South Carolinians to contact their state representatives and thank them for protecting children.

Transgender medical interventions, instead of helping minors experiencing gender dysphoria, do them tremendous and irreparable harm.

Christians, conservatives and all people who affirm the biological reality of male and female should be greatly encouraged the Palmetto State has taken one more step towards protecting children from harmful transgender ideology.

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