Just over 100 miles separates Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati along Interstate 71 in the Buckeye State – but two groups at the respective schools couldn’t be farther apart when it comes to a respect for the sanctity of human life.

“Sex Week” is underway at Ohio State University, an annual event sponsored by several university departments along with a group called “Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness.”

As part of “festivities,” students are encouraged to “thank abortion providers … for the valuable work they do for reproductive rights!”

Sky Hart, who serves as SASHA’s president, says, “We feel they deserve appreciation, and should be reminded of the fact they are assisting our communities greatly.”

Contrast this reckless disregard for pre-born life at Ohio State with the words and actions of University of Cincinnati football coach, Luke Fickell.

“Let us first acknowledge we are all created in the likeness and image of God,” Coach Fickell shared at a 2021 fundraiser for Pregnancy Center East (PCE), a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for women and their children.

“The secret to the work that I do is finding the right people and making sure they are prepared for the challenges ahead.”

For the last few years, Coach Fickell and his staff have prepared diaper bags for the women PCE serves. In addition to the diapers, the stylish bags include wet wipes and other essential items every mother of a newborn baby needs.

“Coach Fickell and his staff are part of the solution, shared Robyn Chambers, Focus on the Family’s executive director for life. “They’re putting feet to their faith and their convictions. They’re not just preaching. They’re doing – and they’re making a difference in the lives of these young women and their children. They’re a tremendous example to the young men they lead and coach every single day.”

To the north, students at Ohio State are praising doctors who are extinguishing the very lives Coach Fickell and his team are ministering to and serving.

“Why would anyone think that’s a good idea?” asked Chambers. “Where is the compassion and common decency?”

The great irony, of course, is that despite Sky Hart’s insistence to the contrary, abortion providers are doing a tragic disservice to every community in which they operate, including those at her beloved Ohio State.

That’s because every abortion terminates a human life, and scars women and men for a lifetime. It robs the world of creation and innovation – cures for diseases and genius that could solve chronic problems and improve the lives of countless people. Because of abortion, there is music that will never be composed, portraits that will never be painted – and laughter that will never be heard.

Good and evil co-exist everywhere this side of eternity, and pro-life advocates nevertheless toil away at Ohio State university, too. They are to be commended as they work to change a culture and save innocent lives.

But the battle for life rage red hot on university campuses, and rarely has there been a more distinct contrast than these snapshots of life and death at two neighboring schools.