Disease is no respecter of persons. The rich and poor alike are all sequestered into their homes, great and small.

And all are facing the same question:

Who am I, without my job? Who am I without my workout routine, sporting events, friends, my school or my health. Who am I, when everything else is stripped away?

People are wondering, perhaps for the first time, what it might be like to suddenly lose everything.

It is a terrifying thought for many, because truthfully they do not know who they are apart from their gym membership, their ability to spend big bucks at the mall, their high esteem among colleagues.

And even beyond that, when the possibility arises of catching a disease that may take life, people begin to ponder the meaning of themselves.

For many, their life purpose has become one of workaholism, money-lust, hunger for approval from coworkers and friends or of having the perfect image.

And now that those things have come to a screeching halt, it may feel as though all is lost but somehow it can be a blessing in disguise.

Instead of being driven by fear during these unprecedented times, we should take this unforeseen opportunity to find out what we are truly made of, and analyze where our identity really lies.

Coronavirus could be a great excuse for a reset, a time to remember what really matters. While we are all home, away from the routines and the busyness, maybe we can take a moment to rest in the presence of Jesus. To refocus on who He wants us to be, apart from all those things. To find out that all we really need is Him.

What does it look like practically to find your identity in Christ? Here are some ideas:

1. Read God’s Word. Find out first hand what He says about who you are, and why He created you. Some key passages for this are Psalms 139, Genesis 1, 1 Peter 2:9, Colossians 3:1-3

2. Write it down. What did you find out? Put it into your own words and put it somewhere in your house that you can easily see it.

3. Pray. Ask God to show you His will for your life, and what areas you have been putting before Him. Ask Him to help you find affirmation and fulfillment in Him, instead of your work, routines, or hobbies.

4. Make a list of your priorities according to how you have been living your life until now. For instance, those could include work, shopping, sports etc. Then make a list, in order, of what priorities you think the Lord wants you to have. Do the lists match? What can you do to rearrange your life to fit the second list when this is all over? You are not defined by all the activities and the outings in your life.

You are defined by your creator, who says you are meant for more than busyness. No matter how much you have in the bank, how secure your job, how great your odds of contracting the virus, the Lord wants you to see that He is all you really need. He is the one who makes life worth living, even when everything else is stripped away.


Ashley Durand is a freelance writer who has a degree in Journalism from Grace College and Theological Seminary. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and son, where she enjoys hiking, drinking coffee and reading.