Same-sex marriage was sold to Americans as the entirely wholesome, wholly private decision between “two people who love each other” having no effect whatsoever on your marriage or traditional marriage itself. Fear not, we were guaranteed at every turn. Anyone concerned about the implications of redefining marriage so that one half of humanity was merely optional to the institution were told to take a breath and stop freaking out.

But of course, things didn’t turn out that way.

We have now lost the meaning of male and female altogether. People who refused to participate in or support same-sex marriages with their creative services have been harassed legally for years. Many of them have lost their livelihoods and reputations. We are all being required to use illusionary pronouns at work and school under threat of losing our place in society.

And that damage removing male and female from marriage has brought to society just keeps revealing itself in seemingly innocent ways. But they are not innocent at all. Take this recent example for instance.

Yes, images are powerful and this is a very curious one for most folks. What exactly is going on here? It’s the new gay Hallmark moment. But it’s actually a real Handmaids Tale. The celebration of the gay “family” and the relegation of women in one shot.

This is a real couple. Two men in love looking longingly into each other’s eyes. They are giddy in their mutual love and future.

Their future is featured … in the back there, dutifully out of the way. It exists in the womb of a woman who serves as the two men’s womb-for-hire. She is a mere utility and stands there silent with head dutifully bowed. Once she performs her incubation service, she will be dismissed with a wad of cash. She is a woman. But to these men, her feminine mystique is mere utility and nothing more. She dutifully stands “back there.” Quiet and out of the way.

Welcome to the new gay patriarchy, right there in living color. Feminists sure didn’t see this coming; female erasure by gay and trans politics.

You see, same-sex relationships are by design human cul-de-sacs. The do not and cannot lead to the next generation of humanity. By intentionally excluding one half of humanity, they are naturally fruitless. In order to partake in the countless and indescribable joy of new life, they must go knocking, begging actually, at the door of heterosexuality. That is precisely what this image is portraying.

But they are vivisecting the feminine. They only want her female organs, nothing else. She is reduced to her womb. And yes, that is vile, as Handmaid’s Tale as it gets.

The feminine is relegated to full servitude. After she has served her role (as life-giver of a new human!) she is no longer useful to those paying her for her services. Her larger and indispensable role of motherhood in the life of her offspring is wholly disposable under this scheme. The child she will bear will be denied the irreplaceable benefit of his or her own mother.

Why? Merely because two men want what they want and everyone else involved must make radical and life-altering concessions to accommodate them.

What we see here in this image of this “modern family” is not simply a new way of doing family. It should not warm anyone’s heart. It is not merely mistaken or short-sighted. It is fundamentally wrong on countless levels. Full Stop. It is desperately misguided because it usurps the fundamental order of creation to serve individual desire.

And it is wrong because it objectifies women. It reduces motherhood to servitude. And it denies the child’s need to be loved and cared for by a mother. There is no way to put a pretty face on any of this, no matter how the men doing it try to dress it up in feel-good imagery.

This image demonstrates one of the most damaging parts of same-sex marriage: the objectification of human reproduction and the commodification of the feminine under the sentimentality of genderless “love.”


Additional Resources

Author Katy Faust gave an extremely important lecture earlier this year at Focus on the Family’s Lighthouse Lecture series on how surrogacy and same-sex marriage have done such grave harm to women, children and the family. You can read her primary points and find a link to her lecture here.


Photo from Twitter.