Note: Many of these resources deal with sensitive and difficult issues and contain content for mature readers.

Over the years, Focus on the Family has created a number of resources dealing with “transgenderism.” To help you navigate this difficult issue, we’ve listed those resources here, with a brief synopsis of each one, so you can easily find the resources most related to your questions and concerns. Our goal is to help Christians understand God’s design of the two sexes; see how the transgender agenda distorts God’s intentions; realize how transgenderism impacts our culture — including education, public accommodations and freedom; and finally, to respond biblically by engaging others with grace and truth.

Transgenderism – Understanding the Basics

Fifty years ago, no one would’ve thought that the reality of humanity’s division into two sexes — male and female — would be questioned, much less under attack. Yet that’s the world we now live in. These resources will help you begin to navigate this confusing issue from a biblical perspective.

Talking to Your Children About Transgender Issues
Focus on the Family wants to help parents navigate this topic, so we’ve developed helpful guidelines and suggestions for addressing transgender issues with your children.

Male and Female He Created Them: Genesis and God’s Vision for the Sexes
This article explains how God designed humans, in His image and likeness, male and female.

“Transgenderism” Brings Chaos from Order
A helpful article which explains the transgender agenda and gives examples of this growing movement’s impact on our culture — from education to entertainment and from restrooms to the runway.

Transgenderism – Our Position
At Focus on the Family, gender matters to us, because it matters to God. In our growing secularized and “multi-gendered” culture, we encourage you to create your own position and values statements, so you, too, can stand firm in your beliefs when you’re called on to defend them.

Why Male and Female Matter
From the Day of Dialogue website, this series of articles is suitable for teens and parents exploring God’s design for us and why it matters for relationships with others, bringing up children, and our relationship with God.

Transgenderism and Culture

These articles and resources help you navigate this issue and take action in support of freedoms, parental rights, privacy and safety.

Transgenderism: Blurring the Lines
This article gives a broad overview of the issue, including:

  • Examples of gender identity disorder affecting the culture,
  • Possible influencing factors for children to believe they are the opposite sex,
  • Treatment of gender identity disorder in children,
  • The roots of the transgender activist movement and an explanation of its ideology, and,
  •  A basic understanding of God’s design for two sexes.

Desensitizing Society on Transgenderism
This short article gives numerous examples of the transgender movement’s impact on our culture, classrooms and legislation.

What Does that Mean? Understanding Transgender Terminology
“Cisgender?” “Gender-queer?” “Intersex?” While the terms seem to change on a daily basis, this short list helps bring some clarity to the issue.

Title IX and Transgenderism: The New Threat in Your Child’s School
Republished from Citizen magazine, author Matt Kauffman explains how the Department of Education redefined “sex” — being male or female — to include “transgenderism” — those who believe they can change from one sex to the other. The resource also explains how this impacts students as they participate in sports and use locker rooms and restrooms.

Why This School is OK with a Man Exposing Himself to Young Girls
Jim Daly’s blog tells the story of a girls swim team using the women’s locker room at a local college. The college could not stop a naked man, who believes he’s a woman, from also using the facilities.

The Impact of Adding LGBT to Nondiscrimination Laws
What happens when new rights are created based on a person’s “gender identity” and “gender expression”? This article gives clear examples of freedoms threatened and innocence lost, and is part of a series on growing threats to religious freedom, along with a downloadable resource, Religious Freedom, Protecting How We Practice Our Faith.

Transgenderism and Healing

Our God is awesome and mighty in grace, truth and power. He is able to bring redemption and healing to the deepest brokenness in the human soul.

Resources for Transgenderism and Gender Identity Disorder
While we hold to biblical truth about male and female differences, we also reach out with biblical redemption and healing. This resource list is a starting point for individuals, families and churches affected by transgenderism.

‘Trading My Sorrows’ – A Story of Healing from Transgenderism
Walt Heyer struggled for years with the desire to dress in woman’s clothes and to be a woman. Read the heartening article about God’s grace, healing and forgiveness in his life.

Focus on the Family Help Questions:

Answering Parents’ Questions on Gender Confusion in Children
Glenn Stanton, Director of Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, answers basic questions about parenting and gender-confusion in children. In addition to this brief article, his book gives guidance for parents helping their children develop into Secure Daughters and Confident Sons. Likewise, this audio from our broadcast offers helpful information for parents who wish to nurture a healthy gender identity in their children.

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