Students at the University of Florida are protesting Justice Clarence Thomas for teaching on campus because of a three decade old sexual harassment allegation, Campus Reform has reported.

The campus watchdog group noted that Thomas is teaching a, “small, exclusive course titled ‘Religious Clauses of the First Amendment’ which will have met only eight times before its final session on Friday. The course has been causing controversy at the university since its original announcement in October, with one law student telling the student newspaper that ‘times have changed and he should not be welcome to campus,’ and that Thomas ‘does not fit the mold’ of UF law professors.” 

The main reason for the protest is due to students rehashing the decade old sexual harassment allegations against Justice Thomas by Anita Hill. At the protest, one student created a sign that read, “Believe survivors even when their abusers are powerful.” “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else. Thank you, Professor Hill,” another sign read. In addition, buttons that said, “I believe Anita Hill” were being given out at the protest. 

Apparently rather than learning from one of our nation’s leading jurists, students would rather accuse Justice Thomas of old charges that he has long been acquitted of.

In a statement to Campus Reform, University of Florida law school Dean Laura A. Rosenbury said, “Our school is honored to welcome Thomas to campus. The course presents a rare opportunity for our students to learn from a clerk and a justice of our nation’s highest court. UF Law is a diverse law school, and our students, faculty, and staff care deeply about a range of issues. We recognize and respect all viewpoints and encourage our students to express their views as part of the marketplace of ideas that is academia.”

In the trailer for the new autobiographical movie Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his Own Words, the Justice says that part of the reason why the Left tried to destroy his character during his contentious confirmation hearing is because of his conservative opinions as an African American. And apparently, the campaign of personal destruction against Justice Thomas continues to today, at least on the campus of the University of Florida. “We know exactly what’s going on here. This is the wrong black guy. He has to be destroyed,” Thomas said.

In the new movie, Justice Thomas fights back against some who are trying to tarnish his legacy, jurisprudence and character. If you want watch the trailer or find theaters playing Created Equal, go to


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