Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States. Throughout its long history, the organization has portrayed itself as the premier health care organization for women. However, the reality is something completely different.

In fact, the abortion business has a less than ideal reputation as a health care provider, and for one woman the lack of quality health care helped save her baby’s life.

Stephanie was a single mother with two daughters when she found out that she might be pregnant with her third child. The timing could not have been worse. Her partner was out of the picture and she was working, going to school and taking several medications that might possibly hurt the development of her preborn baby.

She thought that in her situation, the most logical solution was to have an abortion. Stephanie made an appointment at Planned Parenthood, and when she arrived was told by the medical workers that her preborn baby had already died and that she would naturally miscarry at some point. In order to confirm the demise of the preborn baby, she made a follow up appointment for a short time later to possibly have a surgical abortion. However, the clinic was too busy to see her at that second appointment.

Frustrated by the lack of care she was receiving, Stephanie explored other options. That is when she discovered Beaverton Pregnancy Resource Center, and met with a peer‐counselor to review the opportunities that were available. As it turns out, her preborn baby had not died. In fact, when the clinic did a free ultrasound Stephanie saw that not only was her baby alive, but he was dancing.

Due to the medications that she was taking, Stephanie was still concerned about the future health of her child and her ability to add another child to her family. Ironically, Planned Parenthood helped Stephanie make the decision for life. The abortion organization once again cancelled her next appointment because its abortionist was sick. Remembering the dancing and active baby that she had seen on the ultrasound machine, Stephanie attributed it to divine intervention and decided that God would be in control of what happens to her baby and his health.

Stephanie eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

“He’s really cute, and a very calm, patient baby,” she said. “Isyck and me did not get sick and I have successfully gotten off bad medicine.”

She eventually brought baby Isyck into the pregnancy resource center where the volunteers and staff were able to hold him and tell Stephanie that her baby boy was healthy and beautiful.

Despite strongly considering an open adoption, Stephanie, with the enthusiastic support of her daughters, decided to raise Isyck.

Planned Parenthood is considered the enemy of pro‐life advocates, and it is in many ways, but it can also unintentionally—as in this case—help save a life. If the employees of Planned Parenthood had exhibited greater efficiency with appointments, Isyck would not be here.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often enough.

If you want to support and lift up women like Stephanie, consider signing the Declaration for Life. There is also an opportunity to join Focus on the Family at the Alive from New York event in Times Square where there will be a live 4D ultrasound, music and special speakers. There is limited space, so sign up today!