Michigan abortion activists are pushing hard to pass Proposal 3 – raising almost $46 million to promote the “Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative.” The constitutional amendment would legalize abortions and “transgender” surgeries for minors. The radical measure allows abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.

Some activist supporters of Proposal 3 have moved beyond spending huge amounts of money and flooding the state with pro-abortion advertising.

School officials in Ann Arbor tried to shut down the free speech of conservative, pro-life students. And abortion supporters – many from outside Michigan – interfered with a pro-life prayer event in Saginaw.

According to The Blaze, the Skyline High School Republican Club and its president submitted a message for the morning announcements:

Attention Students: Are you interested in joining our efforts to protect the health of women and children by joining us in our fight to defeat Proposal 3?

If proposal 3 is passed it would eliminate health and safety regulations, legalize late term and partial birth abortion, no longer require physicians to perform abortions, and eliminate informed consent laws.

If so, email us at [email protected]

Three Skyline employees, including Secretary Jefferson Bilsborrow and Principal Cory McElmeel, told the students their announcement would not be read.

The students filed a complaint and resubmitted their request after an initial hearing, modifying the announcement by eliminating the words, “by joining us in our fight to defeat Proposal 3.”

Skyline High School rejected this proposed compromise.

Prior to this, the school had permitted other political announcements from pro-abortion groups.

The NOW (National Organization For Women) student club was allowed to organize a school walkout supporting Proposal 3 on school property during school hours. Get that, school officials allowed students to actually walk out of class as political protest.

The lawsuit also noted that Planned Parenthood placed a message with the school to recruit students to work on LGBT initiatives, a highly politicized issue.

The Thomas More Law Center filed suit on behalf of David Nielsen and his son as well as the Skyline Republican Club, alleging that Ann Arbor Public Schools, Bilsborrow and McElmeel had engaged in viewpoint discrimination, not allowing them to use the same public address system other political groups had used.

The complaint said the defendants violated the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of the plaintiffs and asked for an injunction allowing them to use the public address system. The suit also asked for nominal damages, including attorney’s fees and costs.

After an expedited hearing on November 4, U.S. District Judge Paul D. Borman granted the club’s request, and the modified message was read on November 7.

Meanwhile, in Saginaw Michigan, just an hour and twenty minutes north of Ann Arbor, another anti-life situation was playing out.

Church groups had scheduled a “Fight like Heaven” Ecumenical Prayer Rally to educate voters about the harms of Proposal 3 and pray for its defeat. The event was scheduled for Sunday, November 6.

The event featured praise and worship, prayer and speakers like Dr. Michelle Monticello, an OB/GYN, and Dr. Alveda King, pro-life activist and niece of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The rally also included a short YouTube video opposing the constitutional amendment, “I Didn’t Know,” which dramatized the consequences of Proposal 3: Minors will be able to abort children without parental knowledge and consent; babies could be aborted through all nine months of pregnancy; and minors with sexual identity confusion could have destructive hormones and surgeries – again, without parental knowledge.

Lori Becker, coordinator of outreach for the Catholic Diocese, discovered before the event that pro-abortion individuals launched a “cyber-attack” to keep attendance down – and keep people from corporate prayer against the abortion amendment. She told the Catholic News Agency (CNA):

A few days ago, we realized that many of our registrations were fake and coming from outside of Michigan. This caused our event to “sell out” online, making it difficult for sincerely interested people to register.

CNA reported:

Many phony registrations appeared to come from pro-life organizations, which helped conceal the interference from organizers. However, some registrations appeared to be associated with abortion clinics.

Despite this interference, a large group of Christians attended the rally. Along with them, the Daily Citizen prays for the defeat of Proposal 3 and encourages Christians to vote according to their pro-life values.

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